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Laboratory Companies and Physicians Collaborate to Defraud The Government and Insurance Payers

HDL and Singulex Doctors Fined

The physicians are targeted by pharmaceutical reps specifically assigned to work for the purpose of attracting physicians to order these laboratory tests.


Eventually the physicians will succumb to the pressure and will join in the conspiracy ordering the tests. The two pharmaceutical companies mentioned in the article are HDL and singulex . I suspect there are others out there that are not mentioned , the two that are mentioned above are probably the big offenders..

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It is not uncommon that many physicians, in this changing economic climate in medicine, that they will justify in their own mind accepting a small amount of "kickback". They will usually call it , small bonus for being overworked and underpaid.

Many doctors are not happy to accept what insurance companies pay them and they have no say in what they get paid. I am not justifying their actions nor do I condone those actions.

These laboratory companies deserve these big fines, and their CEO's probably also deserve some jail time. I also feel that, the actions of these physicians should be looked at & evaluated for possible fraud and abuse and appropriate punishment should be handed down by the Justice Department.