Colorado Health Care Proposal Would Expand Coverage To 85% Of States Uninsured

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A proposal developed by the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reformwould extend health insurance to 85% of the state's uninsured residentsand cost between $1.4 billion and $2.1 billion, according to aconsultant appointed to study proposals for a statewide insurance plan,the Denver Rocky Mountain News reports.

The proposal -- which the commission developed based on four other proposalsit received from state interest groups -- would require all residentsto obtain coverage or pay a penalty, expand Medicaid and children'shealth programs, provide subsidies to residents with incomes up to 400%of the federal poverty level to purchase insurance, and allow residentswith disabilities who have incomes up to 450% of the poverty level tobuy into Medicaid. The commission planned to meet on Friday to discussways to reduce the cost of the fifth proposal by focusing only on thestate's neediest people, and it will work with The Lewin Group over the next month to refine the proposal (Barge, Denver Rocky Mountain News, 10/19).

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