Colorado Approves Draft Of Fifth Health Care Proposal

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Members of the Colorado Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care Reformon Monday approved a draft of a fifth health care proposal that wouldrequire all documented state residents to obtain health insurance, the Denver Rocky Mountain Newsreports. The commission already has approved four other draft proposalsaimed at expanding coverage to more than 780,000 of the state'suninsured residents (Montero, Denver Rocky Mountain News, 9/25).


Two of the proposals, created by the Colorado State Association of Health Underwritersand the Committee for Colorado Health Solutions, also would require allstate residents to obtain health coverage. Under the plans, the statewould provide subsidies to residents who cannot afford to obtain healthinsurance. A third plan proposed by the Health Care for All Colorado Coalition would establish a single-payer health care system administered by the state, and a fourth plan proposed by the Service Employees International Union would expand state health insurance programs and establish a large health insurance purchasing pool (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, 9/17).

Thefifth proposal would expand Medicaid eligibility to state residentswith incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level and would allowresidents with disabilities who have incomes up to 250% of the povertylevel to buy in to Medicaid. The proposal also would combine Medicaidand the Child Health Plan Plus.Other provisions of the proposal would create a standard identificationcard for all state residents; provide subsidies for low-incomeresidents to purchase insurance; set up a 24-hour, seven-day-a-weeknurse line for residents; and allow residents to enroll in healthinsurance plans throughout the year, regardless of changes to theiremployment or income status.

The proposal would assess fines onuninsured residents, but residents with incomes between 400% and 500%of the poverty level would be exempt if their insurance premiums aregreater than 9% of their income. Commission members were unable toreach a consensus on insurance coverage for undocumented immigrantworkers, the News reports. The commission's recommendations will be analyzed by the Lewin Group, an accounting firm, and a final proposal is expected to be completed by the end of November (Denver Rocky Mountain News, 9/25).

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