Pennsylvania Governor Signs Autism Insurance Coverage Bill

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Governor Rendell Signs Autism Health Insurance Law

Pennsylvania health insurance providers are now required to provide autism health insurance coverage. The new bill protects children with autism and requires coverage of expenses.

Governor of Pennsylvania Edward G. Rendell today signed House Bill 1150 into law, groundbreaking legislation that will provide unprecedented new protections for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

By requiring private health insurers to cover medically necessary treatments for individuals with autism up to age 21, the new law will improve access to essential services and treatments by building a stronger provider network for thousands of children and their families. Insurers will be responsible for the cost of treatment up to $36,000 per year. Advocates praise Pennsylvania’s new law as being among the nation’s best.


“This is a major victory for Pennsylvania families whose lives are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. The number of children diagnosed with autism continues to rise, along with the cost of those services,” said Governor Rendell. “By requiring private health insurers to shoulder their fair share of the cost of treatment, we’re taking steps to address the gap in the private insurance market and reduce reliance on government programs as the primary source of services and funding.”

Currently, many private insurance programs restrict coverage for certain services for individuals with autism. In Pennsylvania, the Department of Public Welfare provides health care coverage for children with disabilities through the Medical Assistance program without regard to family income and covers costs that private insurance does not pay.

“Five years ago, Public Welfare Secretary Estelle Richman convened the Autism Task Force, bringing families and practitioners together to begin the critical work of ensuring the very unique needs of children and their families living with autism were being met,” Governor Rendell said. “Mandating coverage for families was one of their key recommendations and we’re pleased today to have new laws in place that will bring relief to so many Pennsylvania families.”

Under the new law, treatments and services for autism, including psychiatric care, psychological care, rehabilitative care including applied behavioral analysis, therapeutic care and pharmacy care will be covered, as well as those services proven to prevent regression.

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Well done Pennsylvania! If we help the autistic population become productive now, their productivity later will save the state millions of dollars. I just hope the coverage is allowed for self -help and vocational training skills, both of which, according to the latest research, are forms of education that help the individual to progress.
One of the most potent risk factors for autism is older paternal age. Men who have had several normal children might have a child in their 40s and 50s and that child is autistic. Many research papers and article have been written on this topic for years. If you are interested in preventing non-familial autism or schizophrenia in your family take the time to read thoroughly the