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The Roots of Christian Veganism

Vegan diet and Christianity

When it comes to Christianity and veganism, there can be no doubt, a strong tie.


Some will say, the diet in the Garden of Eden was that of raw veganism, even fruitariaism: "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat" (Gen. 1:29). In the much later writings of the Prophet Isaiah we see "He that killeth an ox [is as if] he slew a man." (Isaiah 66:3).

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For the early Christians, there was dispute.

At the early Jerusalem Council, the disciples were urged to abstain from things strangled and from blood (Acts 5:19-20). Paul the Apostle ridicules those who "eat only vegetables" as "weak in the faith" (Romans 14:1-4), so we know that some early Christians interpreted the Gospel of Christ as that of a vegetarian, if not vegan, diet. If we think of the Gospel of Christ as that of 'doing to the least of these my brethren" as "having done this unto me", surely a faithful Christian may not eat animals.

The tragic and yet most glorious aspect of Christian faith is that of Christ on the cross, the final sacrifice... there was no longer any need to sacrifice animals on the cross. Jesus of Nazereth and the Christ of faith exemplifies the "crucifixion" of so many of the "least of these my brethren." Expanding our awareness of the "do unto others" commandment to "the least of these my brethren" is the expansion of Christian faith unto all creation, as Christians are commanded to do by faith and grace.



But Jesus ate fish and we know it also from the Gospels. How would you answer this James?
Jesus ate fish and He ate lamb.
Ok guys, you got me there! I do not deny what you say, but I do note that it would appear from evidence that Paul the Apostle knew of some who interpreted his message in this way, right? That is all...the roots of Christian veganism does not mean to imply that Jesus himself was vegan. Jesus did quite few things that modern Christians do not do anymore....loving neighbors, enemies...always a challenge. James James
Why would God command Noah, the only righteous man on the earth to kill and eat meat? Why would God command the death of an animal for sin AND command the priest to eat form it? Why are those who eat only vegetables "weak in the faith" and those who do eat meat are called "strong in the faith" if the ideal is vegan? Finally, he has called us brethren because he has now told us everything we need to know about God, this cannot include animals since they are "brute beasts that have no reasoning" acco0rding to Jude. Just some questions to think through...it is more likely that the Garden of Eden and the first generations before the flood lived in an environment with minimal gene corruption. After Noah it seems likely that changes in the environment and possibly also the corrupted DNA after a few generations mandated that some of the chemicals and nutrients found in meat, not to mention the inability of the world population to live off only vegetables and the resulting overpopulation of animals required a change in diet to include animals.
Science has proven that you can only get vitaminB-12 from eating meat or dairy. Yet Vegans continue to ignore the evidence. They claim that ancient human "vegans" got the B12 they needed by eating dirty veggies. But soil micro-organisims don't provide adequate B12 levels . Yet they ignore the science and preach that this diet has existed before the age of vitamin supplementation. Which is the only thing that makes a modern day vegan possible.
well...any theories of "gene corruption" viz. Adam and Eve are unproveable. What we do know, is that in the garden, they were fruitarian. That was God's intention for humans, and of course, they were naked as well. Who would ever deny the abundance of meat slaughtered as sacrifice to appease God's wrath? The innocent lamb slain for the sins of the many. The argument here is that it was God's intention we not kill to eat. Subsequent history is all about disobedience and the punishment...includes killing and eating meat. Meat is the unsustainable aspect here, not the vegetables. And that is just Paul the Apostle's opinion...one of many in the early church. James
Did Adam and Eve take a B12 supplement? No? Then they ate meat just like everyone did before the 20th century. Industrialization of supplements is what makes veganism possible.
Where did Jesus get his Vitamin B12 ?
Please do Google it and get back to me if you can crawl out of your Christian skin enough to examine another religion: What are Jains not allowed to eat? Apart from not eating meat, fish and eggs, strict Jains do not eat onions and garlic because they increase sexual desires. Strict Jains also do not eat any root vegetables like potatoes because smaller insects are killed in their harvest and the vegetable itself will have millions of bacteria.
OK, I will have to tell the sadhus from the very ancient Jain tradition that with their fruitarianism, they should all have died young and not lived such long lives. Let's just credit it to a miracle then, ok? James
The Jain tradition allowed the drinking of milk. They were not Vegan.
They both drank milk which would not qualify them as vegans .
This is not true. Jain sadhus eat only fallen fruit. better study up!
There is no evidence of Ancient Jains that did not drink milk. Cite your evidence.
James, how long have you been on a strict Vegan diet? Do you take a B12 supplement? Most vegans agree that supplementation with B12 is a must. You can ignore the science and legitimate history if you want, but your putting your health at risk if you dont pop a pill along with your 20th century fad diet.
I am still alive, slim, trim and feel great!