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Florida Health Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage For Autism Expanded In Florida

Health insurance benefits for autistic children in Florida will be increased as Governor Charlie Crist continued a weeklong series of health care bill signings yesterday by signing Senate Bill 2654, which provides more health insurance benefits for autism and developmental disability therapies and enhances consumer awareness of the autism health insurance benefits.

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Florida House Passes Affordable Health Insurance Bill

Florida lawmakers pass a bill that extents the health insurance coverage to Florida's 3.8 million uninsured. This health insurance program will not cover all illnesses, but also will not cost as much, thus making it an affordable health insurance option for 3.8 million individuals and families in Florida that do not have health insurance coverage.

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Bay Marketing Offers Florida Health Insurance Online BCBSF Quotes

Choosing a health insurance plan that covers individual medical care needs is very important for a healthy future. Many of the professional insurance agents at Bay Marketing have decades of experience helping Florida residents find the perfect Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan.

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Examining Florida Medicare Fraud Strike Force

The Christian Science Monitor on Tuesday examined how the Florida Medicare Fraud Strike Force last year combined "traditional investigative methods and heightened inter agency cooperation to quickly identify patterns of irregular billing" to charge 197 defendants, who accounted for 25% of defendants in Medicare fraud cases in the U.S.

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Small Health Plans Making Inroads In Florida Marketplace

Florida health plans are looking to make inroads in state's health plan marketplace through acquisitions and stronger networks. According to the latest Florida Health Plan Analysis, Coventry Health Care and Great-West Healthcare are poised to move up the ranks of Florida's largest insurers, showing two successful ways to gain share in a hyper-competitive market.

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Florida Should Delay Medicaid Pilot Project Expansion

Florida should hold off on expanding a Medicaid pilot program untilproblems with the program are fixed, according to a report by thestate's Medicaid inspector general, the South Florida Sun-Sentinelreports. The pilot program covers residents in five counties and wasdesigned to save billions of dollars and provide better care forstate's 2.3 million Medicaid beneficiaries by moving them to privatecoverage.

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Florida Health Insurance Consultant: Overhaul Is Needed

Florida Health Insurance Consultant Comments On Insurance Bill, Says Overhaul Is Needed. The central disagreement on the Florida health insurance bill, was over whether the Department of Health, or the Agency for Health Care Administration should run the new Florida health insurance program.

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