Bay Marketing Offers Florida Health Insurance Online BCBSF Quotes

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Choosing a health insurance plan that covers individual medical care needs is very important for a healthy future. Many of the professional insurance agents at Bay Marketing have decades of experience helping Florida residents find the perfect Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan. They now offer individualized online BCBSF health plan quotes from their website Florida Health Plans Online,

For Florida residents, there are many different individual and family health insurance plan options with Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance. Bay Marketing, a licensed independent contractor for BCBSF, can help people choose the right health plan to suit their needs. Millions of Floridians are insured through BCBSF health insurance because of the quality health care they receive and the variety of plans available to suit their budget and medical needs. In addition, employees have rated BCBSF with the "Highest Member Satisfaction Among Commercial Health Plans in the South," according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 National Health Insurance Plan Satisfaction Study(SM). Whether you are an employee, small business owner, or seeking private insurance, there is a BCBSF health insurance plan to suit your needs.

For business owners, the choices of group health plan options range from PPO (Preferred provider organizations) to HMO (Health maintenance organizations) with different co-pays that determine the monthly payments for health insurance coverage. As medical needs change, so can the co-pays to suit the business, individual or family budget.


For families, the BlueChoice PPO lets you choose your doctors and hospitals and offers maximum savings with network providers. These BCBSF insurance plans can be flexible and affordable with a range of $250-$2500 deductibles or co-pays. The option of choosing the yearly deductible according to the family budget and medical needs helps keep these plans affordable and practical.

For families or individuals requiring regular medical care, the BlueCare HMO (offered by Health Options, Inc.), gives you a full range of benefits including preventive care and fixed copayments with medical coverage for your primary care doctor and any specialists within the network of participating health care providers. This BCBS plan covers regular medical attention with affordable monthly deductibles.

For groups or individuals needing flexible health care coverage, BlueOptions health plans offer a wide range of comprehensive health care solutions - from conventional plans, HSA-compatible high-deductible plans, and lower-cost plans, to limited benefit plans and more. In additon, BlueOptions Temporary offers short-term health coverage for up to 180 days.

Choosing the right health insurance plan based on your medical needs and budget can be time consuming and confusing. For over twenty years, Bay Marketing has helped thousands of Florida residents choose the right BCBSF health plan and continue to receive top awards from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. Bay Marketing has four offices serving Lakeland, Tampa, Sarasota, and Fort Myers, Florida. West coast and central Florida residents can also get online confidential BCBSF health plan quotes by visiting Bay Marketing's website, Florida Health Plans Online at