Florida Health Insurance Consultant: Overhaul Is Needed

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Health Insurance in Florida

Florida lawmakers are supposed to discuss changes to (KidCare), the state's version of SCHIP, (health insurance) during the special legislative session that began last week, says Morgan Moran, a Florida health insurance consultant. Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican (R), and other legislative leaders said a bipartisan group of lawmakers this year "introduced a proposal to streamline KidCare" but could not reach an agreement before the legislative session ended last month.

The central disagreement on the Florida health insurance bill, was over whether the Department of Health, or the Agency for Health Care Administration should run the new Florida health insurance program. Supporters of the legislation, like Moran, say the "serious differences have been resolved and lawmakers should approve the bill now" rather than wait until the fall, when the Legislature might hold an additional special session.


Health Insurance is one of the main topics for the 2008 presidential campaigns. One says he has a plan to "fix the broken down health insurance industry", and to provide coverage not only for children and the poor, but every American citizen. Presidential Candidate John Edwards' health care plan, "includes coverage for all American's" as well as a drug patent process overhaul. Edward's said "his proposal would cost $90 billion to $120 billion annually and that he would fund the plan through the elimination of tax cuts proposed by President Bush".

Florida health insurance consultant Morgan Moran of FloridaHealthInsuranceWeb.com said Edwards' proposal also would "require employers to provide health insurance for workers" or contribute 6% of their payrolls to a fund that would help individuals purchase coverage. More on the story is available at the Florida Health Insurance web site Florida Health Insurance web site.

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