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Truths About Doing a Body Cleanse

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Food for total body cleanse

A couple of months ago I decided I was going to do a full body cleanse. I had been feeling a little unhealthy and I was curious if all the hype about these transformative, miracle cleanses was true. I chose to try Dr. Oz's three-day smoothie cleanse.

This is a cleanse in which all meals and snacks are replaced with a specific smoothie. A complete grocery list and the recipes for these smoothies are provided, so your only responsibility is to blend and drink for three days straight. Easy, right? Not exactly. Below I've shared a few secrets that I learned from doing my cleanse; things that I didn't know before starting the cleanse and that I think are valuable to know if you're considering doing one yourself.

1. The smoothies take a lot of time to blend and prepare. The smoothies include both fruits and vegetables. All of which need to be washed, peeled, chopped, measured, etc., before you're able to begin the blending process. Each smoothie demanded approximately 30 minutes of prep time. I learned that the hard way at the beginning of day one and as I struggled to explain to my bosses that my breakfast was responsible for my tardiness.

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2. The smoothies aren't smooth. Celery, cucumber, and apples are only a few of the ingredients that go into these smoothies. No matter how long you blend them together they're never quite able to develop the smooth consistency that is associated with a traditional smoothie.

3. A three day liquid cleanse feels like a lifetime. I mentally prepared myself for three days sans solid food by reassuring myself that they would be over in the blink of an eye. Wrong-o. Those were the longest 72 hours of my life. I felt every second of every minute, all day long. It felt like an eternity had passed by the time the cleanse was over.

4. An all-liquid diet is not ideal for someone with low blood sugar. By the end of day two I was experiencing a violent and consistent headache, shaky hands, and a nonexistent energy level. My blood sugar had been at a lower-than-normal level for almost 48 hours and the result was miserable.

5. You aren't always pooping. The term ''cleanse'' has become associated with the consequence of spending hours at a time in the bathroom. I didn't experience this at all. Without diving into all the details I'll say that the frequency of ''number two's'' became more consistent and the volume increased slightly. I didn't make multiple trips a day to the bathroom and when I did go, I wasn't spending an extended amount of time in the lady's room violating my toilet in unspeakable ways. Which I was quite thankful for.