Get Lost on Your Next Run: America's Most Scenic Running Trails

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Scenig running trail

The world is a beautiful place and it has many scenic places for runners. Each season holds its own grandeur and allure, and the different ecosystems that exist on our planet provide even more variation in scenery and captivating views - which is simultaneously great news and hugely beneficial for runners.


The right location paired with appropriate weather conditions create a situation where nature is not only able to provide runners with terrain to cover, but also with a gorgeous view. And that can be pretty hard to top (sorry, Mr. Treadmill).

Here’s a look at some of the most breathtaking trails that runners have already discovered and enjoyed in the United States:

Indiana Dunes State Park
Photo Credit: Trisha Shipley Stanton

Glacier Gorge Trail, RMNP, Colorado
Photo Credit: Elaine Standohar

Dry Gulch Creek Road, "MisSOULa" Montana
Photo Credit: Chad Am Amber Strickland

Sullivans Island, South Carolina
Photo Credit: Elaine Standohar

Courthouse Butte Trail, Sedona, Arizona
Photo Credit: Chad Bowen

Pillbox Trail, Oahu, Hawaii
Photo Credit: Elaine Standohar

Photo Credit: Jenny Lo Thorsen

Griffith Park, Overlooking Downtown Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Marty Barrios

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Hard Guy Trail, Foothills of Boise Idaho
Photo Credit: Garrick Arends

White Mountains, New Hampshire
Photo Credit: Elaine Standohar

Edisto, South Carolina
Photo Credit: Elaine Standohar

WOD Trail, Ashburn, Virginia
Photo Credit: Jason Thomas Turchin

Teneriffe Falls Trail, Washington
Photo Credit: Stuke Sowle

Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Ohio
Photo Credit: Drew Miller

South Fine Gold Tail, Friant, California, (Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains)
Photo Credit: Jessica Rogozinski

Sunken Meadow State Park, Long Island, New York
Photo Credit: Jenipher Quintanilla

Harriman State Park, New York
Photo Credit: Atilio Ciucci

Neusiok Trail, Croatan National Forest, North Carolina
Photo Credit: Amanda Shomber

Badlands, South Dakota
Photo Credit: Elaine Standohar

Rocky River Reservation, Lakeline, Ohio
Photo Credit: Michael Semick