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Hydrate the Homeless: The New Ice Bucket Challenge

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Hydrating the homeless

Water – more specifically buckets of ice cold water – has been making quite a splash across the internet these past few days in the form of a charity movement referred to as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This splash, which could be more accurately described as a viral tidal wave, has caused such a storm that members of social media websites have been divided into two distinct and very opposite groups:


Group 1: Members who have voluntarily video recorded themselves dumping a bucket of ice cold water over their head, posted it to their Facebook, and who have subsequently nominated/challenged others to do the same.


Group 2: Members who find the whole movement annoying, wasteful, and pointless (due to the incurable nature of ALS), and feel compelled to express their annoyances in the form of strongly worded and public Facebook statuses.

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Regardless of which group you fall into within this great social divide, the effect and popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge continues to grow, giving ice cold water and ALS an impressive public platform and notoriety. Since the inception of this movement, the ALS Association has experienced a tremendous influx in aid and donations. So I think it’s time we redirect our attention to ice cold water, the silent partner in this charity duo.

Ice cold water is a refreshing, all-natural beverage that should be enjoyed by all – especially on a sweltering summer day. It has zero calories, and is fat-free, sugar-free, and for the most part tasteless. The human body is composed of 50-65% water, with vital organs, such as the heart and brain, being composed of 73% water.

Additionally, it boasts an abundance of health benefits, including:

  1. Improved thinking, concentration, and focus.
  2. It flushes toxins from the body and bloodstream and reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTI's.
  3. It energizes muscles and maintains their proper functioning. (Click here for more workout benefits obtained by adequate hydration.)
  4. Boosts skin's natural glow and appearance.
  5. Water also fights fatigue and constipation.

It’s a liquid-wonder understandably referred to as the ‘element of life.’ So I can sympathize with those individuals arguing against the wastefulness of dumping buckets of it over countless heads across the globe. We should be ingesting water, not wasting it! I propose an alteration to this movement. What if instead of dumping it, we drink it – in the spirit of helping others? Something along the lines of ‘Hydrating the Homeless.’ That’s catchy enough. And instead of taking unflattering videos, we take powerful photos of people helping people, striving for a healthy, hydrated, happy future. Imagine a world full of quenched people with glowing skin and regular bowels. It’s a beautiful thing!



I like this idea SO much better.~!!!!!