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Foods to Eat for a Happy, Healthy Mouth

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Happy Healthy Mouth Food

Mouth health is one of the first things a person notices about another. Bad breath, stained teeth, and visible cavities can all make or break a mouth’s first impression on a new friend. And after a long day of work or a busy day running errands, it’s easy for the condition of your mouth to deteriorate to “dumpster” status.


Fortunately for you, and for whomever finds themselves in close proximity to your chompers, there are several food selections you can make to ensure your mouth stays clean enough to prevent bad breath.

Apples – For naturally cleaner teeth, reach for apples. Apples are firm, crunchy fruits that contain a high concentration of water. Biting and chewing this crisp fruit stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn reduces the levels of both harmful bacteria and acid levels in your mouth and on your teeth. An apple a day keeps the doctor AND dentist away.

Cheese – Prevent the progression of cavities with cheese, yes cheese! Cavities thrive and develop in highly acidic conditions. The consumption of cheese significantly raises your mouth’s pH levels, which in turn, significantly reduces your mouth’s acid levels and creates an environment unfavorable to cavities. Additionally, compounds naturally found in cheese adhere to tooth enamel and provide added protection from acid.

Strawberries – Make your pearly whites glow with strawberries. Despite their deep red hue, these delicious little berries are actually very effective teeth whiteners. Strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural tooth whitening agent that helps to eliminate surface stains on your teeth. Chase your morning coffee with a handful of strawberries for a high energy, bright white smile.

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Yogurt – Breathe fresh with yogurt. Studies suggest that regular yogurt consumption is linked to a fresher, less offensive breath. Yogurt is teeming with probiotics (healthy bacteria) and vitamin D. Both of which fight the odor-causing bacteria that contributes to bad breath. Toss in some strawberries for a fresh and bright white grin.


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