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Does the Affordable Healthcare Act Cover the Headaches it's Causing Me?

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The Affordable Healthcare Act is a health insurance legislation that is well on its way to directly affecting each and every American citizen. It’s astounding, though, that even a year after its initial debut, how little people still actually know about it, its enrollment options, available plans, and the actual cost of it. After days of researching this Affordable Healthcare Act, what it is, and what it means to the American public, I can say that I am not the least bit surprised that such an overwhelming population of people still feel in the dark about it.


I have also found that this confused nation of health insurance shoppers can be broken down into four categories:

1. The Disarrayed: Whose confusion is derived from individual uncertainty with enrollment options, available plans, cost, and the seemingly endless rules, regulations, and subsequent exceptions to said rules and regulations.

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2. The Misinformed: This includes the group of people who are confident that they understand all facets of the Healthcare Act but unfortunately are incorrect in their understandings.

3. The Ignorant: Those who consciously choose to ignore it as a whole.

4. The Fearful: Those who are still haunted by last year’s website glitches and skeptical of the “improved” enrollment capabilities of the new website.

The fact remains, though, that trying to comprehend the new rules and regulations of this Healthcare Act is confusing and oftentimes brings about more questions than it answers.

The chart above is a great starting point for navigating this Act as it illustrates the basic need-to-know essentials of it. It is intended to help alleviate the almost guaranteed insurance-induced headache.