A Runner's Mind: 15 Thoughts Thought to Stay Motivated

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As a runner you know firsthand that not all runs are created equal. There are good runs – where you feel like you could go on running for days. And then there are the not-so-good runs – where each step is a challenge, a test of both physical and mental determination.


We have all been there; we all know the struggle – the fight to finish. And I’m sure none of us are alone in using one or more of these phrases (more like excuses) to keep ourselves running. Some of them are illogical, some a bit irrational and dramatic, but if they work then that’s all that matters. Heck, maybe some of these will be new to you. I invite you to use them the next time every fiber in your being is telling you to stop running and crawl back. In which case, these crazy thoughts may actually keep you from crazy actions.


1. “Remember that third (fourth & fifth) slice of pizza you had to have?”

2. “At least I’m not running a marathon right now.”

3. “This is me earning the right to be lazy for the rest of the day.”

4. “Don’t stop. You only have three days to fit into those jeans. Do you really want to show up to the party in sweat pants?!”

5. “Each step takes me closer to that six-pack. I WILL have one this season.”

6. “My roommate was baking cookies before I left. Do it for the cookies.”


7. “Wait until he sees my butt after this run.”

8. “This run from hell will totally be worth my Facebook post about it later. I’m going to get so many ‘likes.’”

9. “No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain. No pain, no gain. This IS good for me.”

10. “Can’t wait for that runner’s high to kick in. Anytime now…”

11. “Suck it up. If that old lady on the treadmill next to you can keep going, so can you. If you stop before she does, you’re a joke.”

12. “I’ve easily run off at least 3 cellulite dimples from the back of my thighs. Easily. YES!”

13. “How long have I been running? 5 minutes. Crap I would have figured at least 25 minutes. Crap. So I have five more sets of five minutes left. Crap. Twenty-five minutes is nothing, you got this.”

14. "Imagine how good you look right now."

15. “BEER. I’m doing this for the beer.”

Photo Credit: sierrarunco.com