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11 Signs that Prove You're a Runner

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What defines a person is a runner? Here are eleven interesting signs that prove one's running worth:


1. You have ten toes. This does NOT mean that you have ten toenails. Thank God for purple and black nail polish. Sorry boys!

2. The inside of your car is littered with empty and dirty water bottles. Clean me!

3. You have more running shoes in your closet than any other type of shoe combined.

4. Mile markers on the highway and traffic signs posting the distance to the next exit, rest stop, etc.. are read and translated into distances you've run. Or conquered. However you want to put it.

5. Your idea of a perfect weather day isn't sunny and 75, it's 60 and overcast. No better conditions to pound the pavement in!

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6. Your day doesn't officially start until your run is complete. No excuses, run like a champion.

7. You know the exact distance that 1, 3, 5, etc.. miles is from your front door.

8. You'd pick a Garmin over a Rolex any day of the week. How is that even a question?!

9. You know all the back roads of your city better than the taxi drivers. Which can prove tremendously useful in a traffic jam.

10. When you travel you have a second bag strictly for running gear. And you fill that sucker to the brim!

11. Run-derwear. All runners understand this (especially those of the female persuasion).

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Excellent article. Very witty! I enjoyed it very much.