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How to use your high deductible health insurance plan when you feel you can’t afford it

Making High Deductible Health Insurance Affordable

So you finished purchasing you health insurance plan. Are you afraid to use it because you feel your deductible is too high? If you chose the cheapest high deductible plan because it was all you could afford here are a few tips you can use that may help you save money.

Check to see if you can use your health insurance at a local urgent care facility for minor health issues. Look for places such as a Patient First, CVS Minute Clinics, or a local subsidized clinic, which allows you to pay for your healthcare based on your income. Many of them do accept insurance. You can find one in your local area by going to the Health Resources and Services Administration at www.hrsa.gov and searching by your zip code.

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Read your insurance contract. Check to see if there are any services available to help you compare prices for health care services in your area. After you do a comparison, research the company on the Internet to see what it’s reputation is. This will help you save money.

If your plan does not include a co-pay for prescription medication see if your doctor can prescribe a generic equivalent. Go to a pharmacy such as Walmart, which offers discounts on generic prescription drugs without any extra cost or membership fees. You can find out more by searching for Walmart Prescription Discount Program on the Internet. If you do not have a Walmart near you many other pharmacy chains offer generic prescription discount programs. Call or go to your local pharmacy and ask.

You can check to see if you insurance plan includes a Telemedicine hot line. This is a service where you can call in and get medical and advise over the phone for minor medical issues. In some cases you can receive a prescription medicine if needed. This type of services often cost less than a doctors office visit and can save you the time and expense it takes you to travel to an office visit.

If you have questions about how to use your insurance plan, check with your insurance company by calling customer service or contact your insurance agent. As always it pays to shop around.