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HealthCare.gov No Longer Uses Call ID Numbers

Last year whenever I called the Federal Exchange on behalf of a client the Customer Service Representative (CSR) after listening to what the problem was, always said, “I can help you but before we continue let me give you the reference number for the call." This year they did not give reference numbers for the calls.


In many instances when I called back about the same issue there were no notes recorded on the case which lead to a lot of repetition.

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Call reference numbers are a protection for anyone that has any type of access to a consumer's file. Not only should there be a reference number for every transaction that takes place on a consumer's profile but there should also be a log for these transactions that cannot be deleted stamped with the current date and time. The log should include who made the change. Was it the Marketplace, an agent or the consumer himself? All consumers should be able to see log of any changes made to their accounts within their consumer portals.

There needs to be more documentation transparency for the consumer. There also needs to be more accountability for CSR's who do not make sure that their notes are properly saved to a consumer's account. They should be required to include their name along with an employee ID number.

While many CSR's are doing an excellent job many are falling short and the consumer is the one who ultimately suffers in the end. Without good documentation many calls become a battle of he said she said. The sad thing is the one who suffers and gets penalized in the end is the consumer.