Your Prescription is Ready via Walgreen's Text Alert


Walgreen's has initiated a program that sends prescription drug customers a text message to let them know that their prescription is ready to be picked up. Customers can easily sign up for this text alert system either online or at their pharmacy.

The text alert system for prescriptions can save consumers a great deal of time. Rather than wait in the pharmacy for a prescription to be dispensed or calling your pharmacy to see if the order is ready, consumers can call or submit their prescription to their pharmacy (or have their doctor’s office call it in), and then just wait for a text message telling them it is ready for pickup.

Walgreen’s text alert program appears to be the first large-scale service in the United States. In August 2009, CVS launched a program called the ReadyFill, which lets customers sign up to have their maintenance prescriptions filled automatically. These customers then receive a phone call from their CVS pharmacy to remind them that their medication is ready to be picked up.


In Great Britain, Birmingham-based Lloyds Pharmacy reportedly sends text alerts to its customers to let them know when prescriptions are ready to pick up. But for those who choose to wait, some British pharmacies offer a diversion. People who are waiting for their prescription to be filled at a Rowlands Pharmacy can use touch screens to access information on a wide range of health topics.

Rowlands commercial director John D’Arcy noted in an article in Chain Drug Review that “people will complain about waiting times if there is nothing else to occupy them.” Use of these touch screens has provided a bonus: stores that have the screens have reported an increase in product sales.

If you use the Walgreen’s prescription text alert system, there is no need to sit and wait or make a phone call to see if your prescription is ready. Anyone who is interested in participating in Walgreen’s text alert program can sign up online or at their neighborhood Walgreen’s.

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