What Men Think about Sex: 2011 Great Male Survey


What do approximately 68,000 men think about sex, marriage, and relationships? Some of the preliminary results released from the “2011 Great Male Survey” by the website AskMen may not be what you expected.

Men are uncomfortable dating women with children

The “2011 Great Male Survey” is an online questionnaire that queried men about sex, relationships, money, and other issues. Results are from men in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Although the final results will not be released until August, the preview provides some insights into male thoughts and behavior that both men and women may find interesting if not useful.

For example, 66 percent of men said they believe marriage is a necessary institution and would participate in it to preserve it, while 20 percent acknowledged it’s an institution but not one they believe in, and 14 percent don’t believe in it. For women who are looking to enter into that institution, 68 percent of men said a prenup was either not very important (35%) or not at all important (33%).

When it comes to cheating, 19% of men said that if there was no way their partner would find out, they would be somewhat likely to cheat, even though they would feel guilty. A whopping 72% said they would not cheat because it violated their morals or that they loved or respected their partner too much to do so. Only 2% admitted they were already cheating.


Looks matter to men, with nearly half of them (47%) admitting they would dump a girlfriend if she got fat. Forty percent said a woman begins to lose her looks at 40, while 23% say it’s the mid-century mark. Fifteen percent say women never lose their looks.

Women who have children and who are dating may be interested in these answers. Fifty percent of men said they were not comfortable dating women who had children, although the discomfort declined as the age of the respondents increased, with fewer than 15% of men age 50 admitting that dating a woman with children was uncomfortable.

Technology has given men new ways to break up with women, although the old-fashioned way—in person—appears to still be the main method, with 55% of men saying this is how they broke off their last relationship. However, 8% broke up by sending a text message and 2% used a Facebook message. Telephone breakups came in at 15%.

Sixty percent of men said it was okay to pay for sex, although 28% of them agreed with the caveat “but only for a crazy sexual experience that wouldn’t present itself otherwise.” When asked how satisfied they were with their sex lives, 39% said they were somewhat satisfied, although there was room for improvement. One-quarter said they had no sex life, while 24% were not at all satisfied because of the quantity (20%) or quality (4%) of their sexual encounters. Only 12% said they were completely satisfied.

When the complete results of the “2011 Great Male Survey” are released, many more statistics and insights will be available on the male perspective on sex, marriage, and other issues. Women and men may also be interested in the companion questionnaire, the “2011 Great Female Survey,” from Cosmopolitan.com.



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