Ten Year Old Romanian Girl Gives Birth


BBC News has reported that a ten-year-old Romanian girl gave birth to a daughter in southern Spain last week after she moved to the country three weeks earlier. The girl’s grandmother reportedly does not understand why everyone is interested in this birth because “this is the age we get married in Romania.”

Romanian girl is not the youngest mother on record

According to a Time magazine article in 1957, the world’s youngest girl was only five years 8 months old when she got pregnant. The girl from Peru, named Lina Medina, gave birth at age 6 years 5 months to a normal boy.

The article also reported on another young mother from Peru, who was 9 years, 7 months, and 28 days old when she gave birth to her daughter. Hilda Trujillo’s 22-year-old orphaned cousin was charged with rape. There are dozens of other reports of girls who have given birth before the age of 12.


In this latest case, the father of the child is 13 years old and still lives in Romania. According to Andalucia’s social affairs minister Micaela Navarro, Spanish officials will decide whether the 10-year-old Romanian girl and her family can keep custody of the infant. Ms. Navarro noted that “If they can be well cared for, they can stay with the family.”

The new mother and her family are Roma gypsies. According to the Romani.org website, there are about 15 million Romani people dispersed around the world, although many live in Europe. Even though they are often referred to as “gypsies,” not all “gypsies” or nomadic peoples are Roma.

The ten-year-old Romanian girl is said to be “very well and very pretty” by her grandmother, Olimpia. The girl is reportedly from the town of Lebrija in Romania.

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