Pet Tube by PetEgo Keeps Dogs, Cats Safe in Car

Pet Tube

Pet owners who want to keep their dogs and cats safe in the car should secure them. The Pet Tube by PetEgo is a cylindrical car kennel that can keep your canine and feline safe and let you drive undistracted.

According to Farmers Insurance senior vice president Brian Dwyer, about 63 percent of their customers have pets, and many of those customers may be driving with their dogs or cats at some point. Apparently car insurance companies think enough of them do, because at least four insurers have added coverage of $500 to $1,000 for pets injured or killed in car accidents, according to a USA Today article.

Pet owners can help avoid such situations if they travel with their pets in a safe manner. The Pet Tube is one such option. Made of heavy duty liquid-proof, scratch-proof fabric, it also has an elastic element that makes it both collapsible and able to adapt to the length of your pet. Thus you can open the Pet Tube up completely or partially, depending on your pet’s needs. The upper part and ends are composed of mesh fabric to allow for air circulation and also gives your pet a great view.


The Pet Tube comes in two sizes (small is approximately18 inches deep, 17 inches high, and 17 inches wide; large, 47 inches deep, 25 inches high, 25 inches wide) and comes with safety belts. A comfort pillow is optional.

The American Veterinary Medical Association urges pet owners to take precautions when traveling with their dogs and cats. Cats should be in a cage or in a special carrier that allows them to feel secure and to prevent them from crawling under your feet or clawing at your lap while you drive. Dogs should not ride in the passenger seat if there is a passenger side airbag, nor should the dog sit on the driver’s lap. Pet stores and other pet specialty suppliers sell harnesses, tethers, and other accessories that allow you to secure your pets while they ride in the car.

Dogs generally should not be allowed to ride in the back of pickup trucks. If this cannot be avoided, the dog should be in a protective kennel that is fastened to the truck bed. Pets also should not be allowed to ride with their heads outside car windows. Dogs may look like they are having fun, but their eyes, ears, and nose can be hit with debris, causing injury or infection.

The PetEgo Pet Tube is an option for pet owners who travel with their dogs or cats. Keep your pets and yourself safe when on the road.

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