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Pedigree Dog Food Recall Involves Weight Management Products

Pedigree dog food recall

Mars Petcare, makers of PedigreeĀ® dog food products, has voluntarily recalled specific types of its weight management canned dog food because they pose a choking risk to dogs. If you have purchased any of the three brands of canned Pedigree dog food products named below, here is what you can do.

Pedigree dog food presents a choking problem

A call to the customer care department of Mars Petcare US, which makes Pedigree, revealed that 78,000 cases of canned weight management Pedigree-brand dog food have been recalled. The three types involved are

  • Healthy Weight Premium Ground Entree in Meaty Juices, Weight Management, UPC 2310034974
  • Meaty Ground Dinner Beef and Liver Dinner with Meaty Juices, UPC 2310001913
  • Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Chicken and Rice Dinner with Meaty Juices, UPC 2310023045

Unlike most pet food recalls, this one does not involve a possible problem with bacterial contamination; rather, "small pieces of blue plastic" reportedly "broke off a conveyor belt during the production process" and fell into some dog food cans. Dogs who consume the food run the risk of choking on the plastic pieces.

You should know the following:

  • The recalled dog food was produced between February 27, 2012 and March 25, 2012 and distributed throughout the United States.
  • The recalled products can be identified by the following lot codes, which are printed on the end of the cans: 209, 210, 211, and 212.
  • Cans with a Best Before date between 2/24/2014 and 3/23/2014 are included in the recall.

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The manufacturer has corrected the production problem and is asking anyone who has purchased the cans of potentially affected dog food to either return the products to the store for an exchange or a full refund or to discard them. Thus far a few consumers have reported finding the plastic pieces in the dog food, but no dogs have been injured.

Consumers who have any questions about the dog food recall can contact the Mars Petcare US customer care team at 877-720-3335 between 8 AM and 7 PM CST.

The dog food involved in the recall is for weight management, for pet owners who may be counting calories for their overweight dog and helping their dog lose weight. Mars Petcare suggests alternative products that have low calorie levels; for example, Pedigree Tray loaf products and Pedigree Chunks in Gravy products, which are lower in calories that some typical canned foods.

Mars Petcare US/Pedigree

Image: Timothy Schaefer