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Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Study Needs Volunteers

multiple sclerosis genetics study

Researchers are looking for volunteers for a new multiple sclerosis genetics study. The two populations of individuals needed are African Americans with multiple sclerosis, and their family members, as well as individuals of Northern European descent with MS.


Although the study is being conducted by researchers at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF), participants can live anywhere in the United States and no travel or cost is involved. To be effective, the investigators need a large number of participants.

Why this study is important
The role of genetics in multiple sclerosis is not fully understood. However, genes do play a part in who is most likely to develop the disease and may have an impact on the course of the disease as well.

If researchers can identify the exact location of genes involved with MS, this may provide critical clues to its cause, prevention, and more effective treatment strategies. By targeting these two populations—African Americans, who have a lower susceptibility to MS, and Northern Europeans, who have a higher one—experts hope to find what is common and different in their genetic makeup.

If you want to participate
Anyone who is interested in enrolling in the genetic study can complete the initial online intake form. If you agree to participate, you will be sent, via email, links to two additional online forms and a kit via express mail.

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The kit includes everything necessary for you to have a blood draw taken, which can be done at your local Quest Diagnostics Lab. There is no charge to you: once the blood is drawn, it will be returned in a prepaid envelope to UCSF MS Genetics Lab. The kit also contains a consent form, a health information privacy form, and a medical records release form you will need to complete.

For more information on the genetics study, you can begin by completing the intake survey or contact the study director directly:

Clinical Research Coordinator
UCSF Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Susceptibility Project
675 Nelson Rising Lane, Suite 235A, Box 3206
San Francisco CA 94158
[email protected]

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I'm Interested in participating in the study and I am of northern European decent.
Jonell: Great! I hope you click on the link under "If you want to participate" and begin the enrollment process and/or get more information from the Clinical Research Coordinator.
Im an African American whose sibling, brother, has MS. Also my grandfather was from Northern Europe. I am currently being tested for lupus. However in order for me to volunteer its only normal that i can get something in return.