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Medical Food Souvenaid Helps Memory in Mild Alzheimer's


A special patented combination of nutrients in a medical food called Souvenaid® has been shown to improve memory in individuals who have mild Alzheimer’s disease. The results of this clinical trial support the findings of a previous trial of Souvenaid.

A medical food that stimulates the brain

The lack of effective preventive and treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease has led scientists around the world to investigate a wide variety of possibilities. One of those possibilities is a nutritional approach in the form of a medical food called Souvenaid.

Souvenaid contains Fortasyn Connect, a patented mixture of nutrients that includes choline, uridine monophosphate, omega-3 fatty acids, and various antioxidants and B vitamins. A decade of research has brought the product to this point in clinical trials, and results have been promising thus far.

This latest trial, Souvenir II, involved 238 individuals with mild Alzheimer’s who were randomly assigned to take either 125 milliliters of Souvenaid or a control drink daily for 24 weeks. Testing was conducted at 27 centers in six European countries.

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The hypothesis is that Souvenaid can support the formation and function of synapses in the brain of people with mild Alzheimer’s disease. Synapses are nerve connections, and a loss of these connections is believed to be a basic cause of memory loss and cognitive problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Preclinical trials showed that Fortasyn Connect can promote the formation of new synapses in the brain. In the subsequent Souvenir I trial, patients took Souvenaid once daily for 12 weeks, and they improved on standard memory tests.

The results of the new trial, which were presented at the 4th International Conference on Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease in San Diego, California, on November 4, 2011, by Philip Scheltens, MD, PhD, professor of Cognitive Neurology and Director of the Alzheimer Center at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, showed that at 24 weeks, memory scores of patients who drank Souvenaid were significantly better than those of the control group. Factors tested included immediate recall, delayed recall, and recognition performance.

The researchers are still gathering information on other results from Souvenir II, including electroencephalogram data of brain function along with other data which may provide an understanding of how Souvenaid affects the brain. Souvenaid is not yet available for general use.

Although additional studies of Souvenaid in people with mild Alzheimer’s are needed, Scheltens noted that he is “encouraged by the results of this second trial,” and that “these positive results give me the energy to go forward.” Perhaps someday soon, individuals may be taking a medical food to help them fight this most common form of dementia.

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