Love Test Can Predict Relationship Success, Failure


If you have ever wondered how much your partner loves you, researchers have devised a quiz that lets you count the ways. More specifically, the so-called love test can accurately predict the success or failure of a relationship using a word association quiz.

Love test demonstrates the power of words

Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York developed a word association quiz to uncover what people really think about their partners. Overall, individuals who found it easier to automatically associate positive or pleasant words with their mate were more likely to stay together and thus had a stronger relationship.

Although a total of 222 volunteers took part in the study, only 116 completed the follow-up survey to learn if they were still together one year after taking the test. Before taking the test, the participants completed a questionnaire about their relationship. They then participated in two word association tests during which they had to quickly press the space bar when they saw good words or partner-related words, and press it when they saw bad words and partner-related words.


Of the 116 people who completed the follow-up, 19 had broken off the relationship with their partners. This is equivalent to 16 percent, which is the percentage the researchers had predicted.

Study author Professor Ronald Rogge explained in a Telegraph article that previous studies of relationships have had difficulty identifying satisfaction with one’s partner because people tell investigators different things about how they feel, because often they don’t know themselves how happy they are.

Rogge went on to note that “To make things worse, a lot of people don’t want to tell you if they’re starting to feel less happy in their relationship.” The researchers believe this new love test, which utilizes word association and a time limit, “really is giving us a unique glimpse into how people were feeling about their partners.” No word, unfortunately, on whether this test that can predict relationship success and failure will be made available to the public anytime soon.

UK Telegraph, Oct. 7, 2010



In my opinion, these tests are just for fun. They are not to be taken seriously. The accuracy of the results is very questionable. Just my 2 cents... Regards, Royal
Yes, I agree, but they also can be a good launching point for conversation between partners.
i love some love succes or faild..his name is ramesh david