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Love Exercise? You Probably Have a High Libido


People who love to exercise also tend to be “high energy” in other ways, including being more aggressive and having a high libido. Although a generalization, it appears that men and women who have a higher metabolism also tend to exercise more and have a higher sex drive.

People who love exercise have certain behavior traits

At the risk of stereotyping people, individuals who are considered to be jocks are portrayed as being social and aggressive, while “nerds” are typically seen as more submissive and quiet. “These are generalizations, but most people would probably agree there is some truth to them,” according to Dr. Peter Biro, senior lecturer at the University of New South Wale’s Evolution and Ecology Research Centre, who has researched this topic area along with a colleague, Judy Stamps of the University of California, Davis.

Biro and Stamps have reported in Trends in Ecology & Evolution that evidence gathered from various studies of behaviors and metabolism in insects, birds, and animals provides the weight behind the common stereotype of jocks and nerds. The researchers also say there is sufficient evidence from various studies to indicate that those with a higher metabolism tend to exercise more and have behavior traits that include a higher libido.

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Metabolism rate and aggression also appear to be linked. Studies of fish and birds show that those with high metabolisms tend to be more dominant and aggressive than those with a slower metabolism rate. Two examples that come to mind are sharks and hummingbirds.

Some studies have also shown that endurance training and resistance training, such as lifting weights, cause a surge in testosterone levels. Exercise also naturally increases the release of adrenaline. Thus, “there is evidence that enhanced testosterone and adrenalin in men and women does enhance libido,” according to Chris Jones, head of physiology at Nuffield Health, although as yet there is no proof of a direct link between libido and exercise.

This latest study by Biro and Stamps provides information that may not be news to those who love exercise and who also have an active libido. It is, after all, a generalization, but one that many may find to be true for them.

Trends in Ecology & Evolution