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How To Remove Spiders and Spider Webs without Freaking Out

Removing Spider Webs

It is amazing how a tiny creature often no bigger than a dime and known for its incredible ability to weave strong, intricate webs, can send a grown person into a frenzy. Yet spiders can have that effect on many people, which is why this article explains how to remove spiders and spider webs from your home without freaking out as well as some good things about these creatures.

First, here are some positive things you should know about spiders you may find in your house. This information may lower your anxiety level by several notches.

  • Spiders eat insects, so if there are a few spiders in your house, they are there because food is available. If you remove the spiders, you may allow their food supply to multiply or more spiders may move in. Therefore, your best move may be no move at all: just let the spider enjoy his occasional meal and you will be relieved of having to deal with other insects.
  • Spiders aren’t crazy about you either. Despite what you may think, they are not stalking you and are not ready to pounce on you when you pass by their web. In fact, they typically run away.
  • Most spiders are harmless. Sure, they all have some venom, but the amount is so minute, in the majority of cases the venom won’t bother you. Besides, spiders usually don’t bite anyway. However, none of this means you should not be careful just in case you come across a dangerous spider (see tips below).

Now you’re ready for some tips on how to remove spiders and spider webs without freaking out.

Step 1: Know your spider. This step isn’t critical, because as a general rule you should not touch any spider just in case it is a dangerous species. However, if you live in an area where dangerous spiders such as the Hobo Spider, Black Widow, or Brown Recluse are commonly found, you will want to take extra precautions if you decide to remove the spider and its web.

Beware Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders

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Step 2: Choose your removal tools. Assuming you have decided you cannot share living space with the spider, you should pick the tools you need to remove or relocate the spider and to eliminate the web. These tools may include a paper towel, small cup or bowl, a lid for the cup or bowl, a small piece of cardboard, a small plastic sandwich bag, a vacuum cleaner, a long stick or broom, and sticky tape.

Step 3: Capture your spider. Spiders are beneficial creatures because they eat insects, so it is best to capture and release them outside. To capture a spider, use a small bowl or cup and a flat lid or a piece of cardboard. Brush the spider off the wall or other object into the cup and place the lid on top. Release the spider outdoors.

You can also use a paper towel or small plastic sandwich bag to capture the spider. A paper towel is helpful if the spider is on its web: use the towel like a claw and grab the spider and the surrounding web.

If you are squeamish, wear a glove on the hand that captures the spider. Place the paper towel outside and let the spider go. If you use a plastic bag, you may be able to coax the spider into the bag using a piece of cardboard. Then place the bag outside to release the insect.

Step 4: Kill the spider. If you are not able to capture the spider or if you have identified the spider as a dangerous species, avoid any possible contact with the creature. Use a vacuum cleaner to scoop up the spider.

Step 5: Remove the web. If the web is easy to reach, use a paper towel, your hand wrapped in an old sock, or a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the web. For webs that are out of reach, a vacuum cleaner extension, the brush end of a broom, or a broom or stick with sticky tape wrapped around the end should do the trick.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy and prevent you from freaking out any time you need to remove spiders and spider webs from your house. However, remember that spiders are beneficial creatures, so you may want to let them hang out in the corner and eat insects.



I keep getting Wolff Spiders in the house recently. Yikes. They are scary looking for sure and freak my 11 year old daughter out. We carefully remove with a cup and piece of cardboard and place them outside. We have had 2 in the past 5 weeks. I think the rain is driving them in. Excellent article. Thank you.
I don't know about other areas, but in our area in North Carolina we do get a lot spiders. I didn't know the rain is driving them in. Thanks for the story.
They come in when it is cold. I never kill them. I always take them outside in a cup. I never remove the webs without being careful and especially outdoors. I love that they capture mosquitoes. I sometimes use a duster - that works well to get the spider then you can 'shake them off outside.
That's an awfully cute spider in the photo? :)
That's my resident Dizzy Delaware spider!