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Get a Nose Job, Look Younger

Nose job (rhinoplasty)

The reasons most people choose to get a nose job are to correct some imperfection or to make the nose smaller. But does getting a nose job (rhinoplasty) make you look younger? Yes, according to a new study.

The nose changes shape with age

As people age, the “real estate” tends to shift to the south: more baggage moves to the hips, the buttocks sag, and there’s a tendency for turkey neck. The nose also does not escape the effect of aging.

According to the authors of the new report, who hail from the University of Toronto, the aging nose experiences weakening of “nasal tip support mechanisms,” which results in “the development of the so-called dorsal pseudohump.” In addition, the nose also lengthens and the tip rotates.

While the goal of a nose job is “to improve the nose aesthetically, making it harmonize better with other facial features,” as stated by the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the authors set out to determine if rhinoplasty also makes people look younger.

To make that determination, the authors gathered the charts of 53 rhinoplasty patients (ages 15-61 years; 41 females, 12 males), including both preoperative and one-year postoperative pictures of each patient. All the photos had been taken using the same camera, distance, and room lighting.

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Fifty volunteer laypersons were asked to evaluate and rate the age of each patient in the photos. Half of the volunteers viewed preoperative images first and then the postoperative photos one month later, and the other half viewed the photos in the opposite order.

The results of the observations were as follows:

  • On average, the patients looked 1.5 years younger after they had their nose job
  • Patients who had a dorsal hump reduction looked on average 1.6 years younger after surgery
  • Patients who did not have a dorsal hump reduction looked on average 1.1 years younger
  • Older patients tended to have a greater degree of rejuvenation than did younger patients
  • Patients who achieved the youngest look were the six who underwent both a dorsal hump reduction and more than a 10 degree rotation of the nose tip—2.14 years younger

The AAFPRS notes that half a million people per year consult with a facial plastic surgeon about having a nose job. Some don’t like the nose they were born with, some have experienced an injury, and others need surgery to improve their breathing ability.

The authors of this new study note that people who undergo a nose job may not only achieve an overall improvement in aesthetics and balance of their facial features, but a bonus as well—they may look younger. Thus “the rejuvenating effect of rhinoplasty can now objectively be listed as one of the benefits of undergoing this procedure.”

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Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons



As the nose forms the very center of the face it is also is key to facial harmony and balance. Nose reshaping to give a natural looking result requires harmony of the nose to both a patient’s face and to their body type. A natural appearance of a person’s nose is one that is harmony with a person’s facial characteristics that does not look out of place or out of character. A pinched or pointy tip, a scooped bridge or a nose that looks too small are some signs of a rhinoplasty that looks surgical.