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Check Yo Nutz Testicular Cancer Campaign Launched


With a title like “Check Yo Nutz,” who wouldn’t stop and listen? That would suit the creators of this new educational campaign for testicular cancer awareness just fine. Check Yo Nutz is a collaborative effort between students from Canisius College and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

The new campaign called “Check Yo Nutz” was conceived and developed by a group of Canisius students in spring and fall 2009 as part of a course called Health Campaigns. When students in the class surveyed 349 of their peers about their knowledge of testicular cancer, they discovered that their classmates knew virtually nothing. In particular, males were basically unaware of the symptoms or of how to do a self-exam.

Testicular cancer was diagnosed in about 8,400 men in the United States during 2009, and about 380 men died of the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. Testicular cancer is not common, and it is also one of the most curable of all cancers, with the risk of death being about 1 in 5,000. Currently, more than 170,000 men in the United States are survivors of the disease.

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In recent years, the rate of testicular cancer has been increasing in the United States for reasons unknown. Even though this cancer has a high treatment success rate, early detection is important, says Donald L. Trump, MD, president and CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute. “Detection of testicular cancer at an earlier stage means cure is possible with less aggressive treatment and that means fewer side effects.”

The students from Canisius College presented their idea to Roswell in September 2009, and it was embraced by a Roswell campaign called Yroswell, which is involved in encouraging members of Generation Y (people ages 12 to 26) to create a world without cancer. The “Check Yo Nutz” campaign is now ready to meet the public, and the events begin this month.

On April 21, students involved with the campaign will be handing out information about testicular cancer along with free Nutty Buddy ice cream cones in an event called “Don’t Forget Your Buddies.” On April 27, staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to compete in a dodgeball tournament called “Dodge These Balls, Not Yours.”

The Main Urology Associates, PC, is sponsoring the event called “The Check Now Luau” on April 30 on campus. The students from the Health Campaigns class hope their efforts raise awareness of testicular cancer and encourage young men to perform self-examinations. Drew Creighton ’10, who worked on the “Check Yo Nutz” campaign, noted that “We hope that other colleges will embrace this campaign and implement it on their own campuses.”

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