Cat Food Recall by Diamond Pet Foods Hits 25 States

Cat food recall

A cat food recall has been issued by Diamond Pet Foods for certain types of their dry cat and kitten food. Pet parents in 25 states should check their purchases of these products, listed below, which have been recalled because of possible low levels of thiamine (vitamin B1).

Which cat foods have been recalled?

First, pet parents should know that no health issues have been associated with the cat foods involved in the recall. Diamond Pet Foods has tested its other cat food products for thiamine deficiency as well. For more information about thiamine and thiamine deficiency, see below (“Why cats need thiamine”).

Only dry cat and dry kitten foods with certain Best By dates and Production Codes have been recalled. You can see the complete list, including the specific states in which the recall is relevant, on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recall website.

  • Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat Formula, 6 lb and 18 lb bags
  • Premium Edge Senior Cat Hairball Management Formula, 6 lb and 18 lb bags
  • Premium Edge Kitten Formula, 6 oz sample bags, 6 lb and 18 lb bags
  • Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula 6 oz samples and 6 lb bags
  • 4health All Life Stages Cat Formula, 5 lb and 18 lb bags

States involved in the voluntary recall include Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. However, not every product has been recalled in every state, so pet parents need to check the recall list. The products also have been sold online, so all states could be affected.

Pet parents who have questions about the cat food recall or who would like a refund or replacement product can contact Pet Food Information Center at 1-888-965-6131 Sunday through Saturday, 8 AM to 6 PM EST. The Pet Food Information Center website is also available for consumers.

Diamond Pet Foods Executive Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Michele Evans, PhD, issued a statement that “At Diamond Pet Foods, we have a process where we continuously test our products, and this process allowed us to find the undesired levels of thiamine in some of our cat formulas.” She noted that when such an error occurs, “we have the data to quickly alert pet owners, giving them the confidence they demand of a pet food manufacturer.”


Why cats need thiamine
Thiamine is one of the B vitamins and is essential for supporting and maintaining a healthy nervous system in cats. Cats who are fed a diet deficient in thiamine for several weeks may develop a thiamine deficiency.

A thiamine deficiency can occur in kittens and cats who eat raw fish or who eat a pet food that is not completely balanced. The presence of sulfites in cat food also can interfere with a cat’s ability to absorb thiamine.

Symptoms of a thiamine deficiency in cats include muscle weakness, seizures, fixed and dilated pupils, bending the neck toward the floor (ventriflexion), paralysis of the muscles around the eyes, vomiting, salivation, decreased appetite, weight loss, and wobbly walking.

Pet owners who suspect their cat has a thiamine deficiency should see their veterinarian as soon as possible. Thiamine deficiency can be reversed with proper treatment, which includes feeding the cat a balanced diet and injections of thiamine. Cats also should not be fed raw fish.

FDA Recall

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