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Can The Biggest Loser Motivate Weight Loss in Viewers?


As the eleventh season of The Biggest Loser begins, will it motivate viewers to keep their New Year's resolutions to lose weight and keep it off? Trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, the new season’s participants, and the show’s official website can all be motivating factors in helping viewers achieve their goals.

The Biggest Loser fans can benefit from weight loss tips

Fans of "The Biggest Loser" who want to lose weight can turn to numerous motivational options as a result of the show. Co-trainer Bob Harper, for example, recently shared four tips in the January/February issue of Women’s Health.

One tip from Harper is to practice the yoga pose called the sun salutation, which strengthens the entire body. The best benefit comes when you do the salutation in rapid succession. He also encourages people to get full on fewer calories. His choice is a wheat germ cracker called Bran Crispbread, which has only 12 calories, no fat, and five grams of fiber.

Exercise is a must, and Harper recommends working in intervals. That means you should alternate fast, intense activity with slower activity. One example is to begin with a five-minute walking warm-up, followed by a burst of speed for 30 seconds, then another slow down for three minutes, and repeating the cycle. The goal is to work up to seven sprints in a 30-minute workout.

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People interested in losing weight can also try Harper’s high-intensity circuit program, which combines strength and cardio training that burns calories and fat while building lean muscle. If all this exercise has left you sleepy, Harper also urges people to make sure they get enough sleep. He notes that people who get enough sleep “make better choices and have more successful weight loss.”

Individuals who need motivation in between the weekly “The Biggest Loser” television shows can visit the official website for more motivational ideas, tips, videos, games, music, and more. For “joiners” there is The Biggest Loser Club, for example, and for help with meal planning there is The Biggest Loser Meal Plan.

The eleventh season features couples who want to become the biggest losers. But anyone—single or as part of a couple--can lose weight if he or she does the work. "The Biggest Loser" can motivate viewers to be more than couch potatoes—they can be their own biggest losers right at home.

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