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Apple Cinnamon Water, Energy Booster or Waste of Time?

Apple cinnamon water

Apple cinnamon water is one of several infused waters that has been populating the Internet recently, and part of the pitch accompanying the photos and recipes is that this flavored water has no calories (and thus could help with weight loss), is an energy booster, and/or has detox powers. So are any of these claims true, or is making apple cinnamon water a waste of time?


What are the basics of apple cinnamon water?

The recipe for apple cinnamon water is not rocket science: you combine sliced apples, cinnamon sticks, and water in a (preferably) glass pitcher or large jar, let the combination steep or diffuse in the refrigerator overnight or at least for several hours, and serve. A standard recipe calls for 2 sliced apples (no seeds), 1 to 2 cinnamon sticks (depends on how much you like the taste of cinnamon), and 64 ounces of pure water.

Like many of the other kinds of infused water recipes, you can make some variations, such as using half water and half crushed ice, adding a teaspoon of honey or agave syrup to sweeten the water (which adds calories), or serving the water with or without the fruit. Another variation you can try when making apple cinnamon water is to boil the apple slices and cinnamon sticks for a few minutes, then add the mixture to the remaining amount of water in your pitcher and refrigerate.

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Some people prefer to use a pitcher specially designed to make infused water (an infuser), but you can save yourself that expense by simply using a regular glass pitcher or sun tea jar. Infused apple cinnamon water is inexpensive, too: you can refill your water pitcher two to four times before you need to toss out the apple slices and cinnamon sticks. (Don’t forget to compost the apples!)

However you slice it (pun intended), you have created a refreshing beverage for yourself and your family that avoids the pitfalls of sugar-based sodas. But what about the energy-booster, no-calorie, and detox claims?

  • No scientific studies have shown that drinking infused apple cinnamon water will specificaly boost your energy levels or help with detoxification efforts by your body. That does not mean drinking infused water is not an excellent, healthful habit: it is, and it is highly encouraged, especially for anyone who is used to downing lots of sugary or artificially-flavored drinks.
  • As for the no-calorie claims, water alone is calorie-free, but when you add ingredients that do have calories and some of the particles of those substances remain in the water, then the resulting flavored water may have a few calories. However, the infused water is still virtually a zero beverage, free of the empty calories provided by sugar and the potential health hazards associated with artificial sugars and flavorings.
  • Drinking infused apple cinnamon water may boost your energy and help keep your energy levels balanced simply because you are providing your body with life-sustaining water instead of soda pop and resulting sugar rushes and lows. In addition, infused water helps prevent dehydration, which can result if you down soda (especially caffeinated drinks) and other sugary beverages after exercise or when you are thirsty.
  • Lastly, water is a natural detoxifier. That’s why you are encouraged to drink about eight 8-ounces of pure water daily to flush toxins and other wastes from your body via urine, sweat, and breath. Why not make that effort delicious by making and drinking apple cinnamon water—never a waste of time!

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I want to try this but I am just wondering if it will cause blood sugar spikes as I am diabetic.
Jan, thank you for the question. If you have any concerns, you should discuss this with your healthcare provider. A responsible response to your question would require knowledge of your current health status, how you manage your diabetes, whether you are experiencing challenges in diabetes management, and other factors. I am not a healthcare provider so I cannot answer your question.
You certainly should speak with your health care provider first, but in my studies of herbalism, I have learned that cinnamon is great for maintaining a healthy and non fluctuating blood sugar level :)
I will never try this detox again. my body hurt so bad. I couldn't drive cause my hands hurt so bad. the longer I drank the water the worse the pain. quit drinking the detox water and drank 72 oz frsh water and my pain began to go away.
I love the Apple cinnamon infused water. I like to even make my green tea with it.
So I just made this infused water but then it hit me.. I am breastfeeding! Is it ok to drink while breastfeeding?! If not then I suppose I could always keep it for the hubby.
Vanessa: If you have any concerns, you should ask your doctor. The ingredients in infused water certainly do not seem to be any cause for alarm.
Hi, i tried cucumber. lemon, ginger and mint infused water for a day and the next day i got heavy urination symptoms with burning sensation during urination, it went in till i found blood clots also in urine. I did realized its d detoxification process. I am gonna try apple cinnamon infused water once i get well. Thanks. Deepti
I read a few commentss but i couldnt see one regarding the weight loss.. Does this detox help in weight loss ?? If yes then plzz mention the time it takes a person to start losin weight ?
Hi, I have underactive thyroids problem ,can I drink that water too. Thanks
Hi I have a question I would like to know from someone who continued drinking this detox how it went and how it went with their weight loss. My friends told me to drink this but I would like to hear from someone who keeps drinking it please .....thanks
I prefer to drink water either luke warm or room temperature. Can I have apple and cinnamon drink in room temperature instead of cold one?
I have beening drinking cinnamon and apple water since Sunday but I can't see to get the cinnamon to break down I tryed everything cold water hot nothing is working I'm trying to loose weigh plus few health problems
I am Drinking everyday.. And I found result, It empties your stomach and make you more hunger, While you're on diet don't go for junk foods & sweets, Eat lots of vegetables & fruits more importantly eat on time Its been 40 days and I have lost about 5.5 Kgs 1 Cinnamon 1 Apple and 1 liter water, Drink in the Morning every day, If your trying new then do for a week not happy then try with different D-tox type of water
I have been drinking this for 2 days and have been getting a headache everytime I drink it. What am I doing wrong?
I am loving the apple cinnamon water, I use a glass jar and I use 3 cups of water and bring the apples with 1 cinnamon stick to a boil , then I take it off the heat and cover to let the flavors infuse , then add over ice cubes to make a gal, so far I have drank a gal a day and feel more energized ! I did experience a little diarrhea in the beginning which for me was good as I suffer from chronic constipation but since I have started drink this and other infused water's I am able to now have more energy and move my bowels at a steady pace :)