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Apple Cinnamon Water, Energy Booster or Waste of Time?

Apple cinnamon water

Apple cinnamon water is one of several infused waters that has been populating the Internet recently, and part of the pitch accompanying the photos and recipes is that this flavored water has no calories (and thus could help with weight loss), is an energy booster, and/or has detox powers. So are any of these claims true, or is making apple cinnamon water a waste of time?


What are the basics of apple cinnamon water?

The recipe for apple cinnamon water is not rocket science: you combine sliced apples, cinnamon sticks, and water in a (preferably) glass pitcher or large jar, let the combination steep or diffuse in the refrigerator overnight or at least for several hours, and serve. A standard recipe calls for 2 sliced apples (no seeds), 1 to 2 cinnamon sticks (depends on how much you like the taste of cinnamon), and 64 ounces of pure water.

Like many of the other kinds of infused water recipes, you can make some variations, such as using half water and half crushed ice, adding a teaspoon of honey or agave syrup to sweeten the water (which adds calories), or serving the water with or without the fruit. Another variation you can try when making apple cinnamon water is to boil the apple slices and cinnamon sticks for a few minutes, then add the mixture to the remaining amount of water in your pitcher and refrigerate.

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Some people prefer to use a pitcher specially designed to make infused water (an infuser), but you can save yourself that expense by simply using a regular glass pitcher or sun tea jar. Infused apple cinnamon water is inexpensive, too: you can refill your water pitcher two to four times before you need to toss out the apple slices and cinnamon sticks. (Don’t forget to compost the apples!)

However you slice it (pun intended), you have created a refreshing beverage for yourself and your family that avoids the pitfalls of sugar-based sodas. But what about the energy-booster, no-calorie, and detox claims?

  • No scientific studies have shown that drinking infused apple cinnamon water will specificaly boost your energy levels or help with detoxification efforts by your body. That does not mean drinking infused water is not an excellent, healthful habit: it is, and it is highly encouraged, especially for anyone who is used to downing lots of sugary or artificially-flavored drinks.
  • As for the no-calorie claims, water alone is calorie-free, but when you add ingredients that do have calories and some of the particles of those substances remain in the water, then the resulting flavored water may have a few calories. However, the infused water is still virtually a zero beverage, free of the empty calories provided by sugar and the potential health hazards associated with artificial sugars and flavorings.
  • Drinking infused apple cinnamon water may boost your energy and help keep your energy levels balanced simply because you are providing your body with life-sustaining water instead of soda pop and resulting sugar rushes and lows. In addition, infused water helps prevent dehydration, which can result if you down soda (especially caffeinated drinks) and other sugary beverages after exercise or when you are thirsty.
  • Lastly, water is a natural detoxifier. That’s why you are encouraged to drink about eight 8-ounces of pure water daily to flush toxins and other wastes from your body via urine, sweat, and breath. Why not make that effort delicious by making and drinking apple cinnamon water—never a waste of time!

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Has anyone tried this? I want to try this apple cinnamon water recipe. Water is a natural detoxifier and with apple always good. How will cinnamon act I don't know. Should be good though. If anyone tried what was your experience and results?
I have tried it with a red apple and a green apple. The red ape is sweeter and the green apple is more tart, just like when you eat them, so it's really your preference. The ice makes no difference, as it will melt anyway and does not help to leech the flavor of the fruit. Where I made my mistake was with the cinnamon. The first time I used two sticks, which overpowered the apple and tasted like cinnamon flavored saliva (maybe that was just my mind's way of explaining being grossed out lol). The second time I used one stick, but the longer it sits the more powerful the cinnamon is, so if you don't like a huge cinnamon flavor I suggest you remove it after about a day. It's a nice alternative to the "fitness waters" on the market and much cheaper :)
It tastes and smells like an apple pie. I really like it.
Made a big jug of this it smelt lovely and was looking forward to drinking this lovely water but one glass later I was repeating all morning I found it so acidic had to throw the rest away not tryi g it again :(
I am drinking this water and experiencing lots of gas and bloating! Should this be happening?
Hi Kat: Cinnamon is an herb that is used to help prevent or manage gas, so it's interesting that you are having this response. However, perhaps your body does not respond well to cinnamon. Has cinnamon bothered you in the past? You may want to try another type of infused water. You can click on the link in the article for other infused water ideas. Hope this helps.
Actually cinnamon is a spice
Yes, Jennifer, you are right. Cinnamon is often referred to as an herbal remedy, however, which is why I have a habit of referring to it as such. Thanks for the correction.
I have been drinking apple & cinnamon infused water daily for about a week. I love it! It gives me energy since I needed to up my water intake. I am sure I was constantly dehydrated before. Plus I know I am snacking less. However you spin it, drinking more water is a good thing. If this helps you to do so, go mix some up now!! Enjoy.
Does making the apple cinnamon water in a glass jar as opposed to a plastic jar really matter? I have tried the apple-cinnamon water for a couple days now. I like it, but it gave me gas and diarrhea. It also seemed to curb my appetite. But maybe the decreased appetite was because of a bit of nausea. Please comment. Thank You.
Glass is typically recommended because of the possibility of BPA contamination from plastic and they tend to be cleaner: less likely to scratch and absorb food particles that may not be removed properly. But the real problem here seems to be the gas and diarrhea. Another reader also mentioned these symptoms as a side effect. Either this combination does not agree with you or perhaps you may be consuming too much of it. You might try another type of infused water---see the link in the third paragraph for additional ideas. Good luck and good health!
For those experiencing gas and diarrhea that is just the detoxification process your body is naturally doing it happens when your body is getting the proper ingredients to do so like water and fiber and since with this remedy you also put in cinnamon and apple's you are also adding a bit of soluble fiber into the water which cleans your digestive track the result is a slight bout of gas and diarrhea should subside if you add some more natural fiber into your diet which if your going for more energy and to boost metabolism you need it.
I am finishing up my second full day of drinking the apple-cinnamon water and I feel great. I haven't craved sugars or sodas either day. I went from having two cups of coffee w/ creamer and multiple sodas a day, to today only drinking half a cup of coffee. I haven't even craved sodas. Plus, I have stomach pains almost every day and today it hasn't bothered me at all. May be a coincidence, but maybe not. I also don't have caffeine withdrawal headaches like I normally would. I wonder why? Maybe it's because I'm not so dehydrated? However you look at it, it's helping my body. I'm in love with infused water. ;-)
I just stated this water this morning .my question is how much is too much and how much is enough...
Raquel, thanks for writing. It is usually best to start slow with any new dietary habit. Perhaps start with a few ounces at a time, several times a day and see how you feel, then increase it gradually. How you feel will depend on several factors, such as what you are using the infused water in place of (soda, alcohol, sugary fruit drinks), how much water you used to drink, if you have any health issues (e.g., diabetes), how physically active you are, etc. Ask a trusted healthcare provider if you have any concerns. Good health to you!
Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems that some people love apple-cinnamon water and for a few it's a gas--but not in a good way! I am glad you have found a way to stay away from sodas.
Ive been drinking this apple cinnamon first empty stomach in the morning or whenever i woke up ( normally 12-1 pm lol) and before bedtime ! And this have been my daily drink since then, after few refills i change water,apple, and cinnamon ( powder) , surprisingly this drink helps me able to poop every day! Lol yes its true! Plus eating daily fruits and eating healthy green salad is a plus if aiming to live a healthy lifestyle !, so in all i love this water infused! Also its true i never craved for any sodas since i started drinking it.... :)
having just seen the viral recipe, I was looking to see if this infused water was having a placebo effect or really worked. One thing I noticed in reading the above commentary- If drinkers are having some diarrhea, it may indeed be "detoxing" them. often during a detox diet changes in stool can be an indication or the body releasing stored up toxins. Not sure about gas yet that too often comes from various detoxifying processes. If I try this I'll post if I have results.
Thanks for the comment, Kirk. You may be right about the detox effect. If so, I hope anyone who has been experiencing these symptoms will write back and let us know if they continued with the infused water despite the symptoms and if they eventually went away, as they should over time if detox is indeed the reason for them. I hope to hear from everyone, and do let us know how you fare, Kirk!
I just started drinking this, and I too awoke to stomach pains and diarrhea. But 1. I think I drank too much...4 liters in a day. So today I will just drink 2 see what happens. My son said it's just my body getting use to it. After a couple days I'll repost. But all in all. ..it's delicious
I just started drinking this, and I too awoke to stomach pains and diarrhea. But 1. I think I drank too much...4 liters in a day. So today I will just drink 2 see what happens. My son said it's just my body getting use to it. After a couple days I'll repost. But all in all. ..it's delicious
Does this water help to decrease belly fat?
If you use this water in place of sugary beverages and follow a low-fat, high-fiber diet and exercise regularly, then the answer is likely yes. But drinking apple cinnamon water alone won't do the trick!
The gastrointestinal issues may also be from the fiber in the apples & water softening the stool. Hense being a "detox" :)
I hope there are real health benefits but if not It just taste great.. Why just drink plain water? It doesn't get any better than this. I would like more natural water recipes. BTW the way doesn't cinnamon regulate blood sugar?
Thanks for your comments. There are some more natural water recipes: simply click on the hyperlink in the 3rd paragraph of the article. And yes, cinnamon can be used to help regulate blood sugar. You can learn more about cinnamon and diabetes if you click on the slide show on this page entitled "5 Food Supplements for Type 2 Diabetes" and also follow the hyperlink in that slide show as well. Good health to you!
Is the detox supposes to make your urine smell weird? I have been drinking this apple cinnamon detox water for two weeks now. I do feel more energetic now then before.
Urine is one of the main ways your body eliminates toxins and your urine may smell strong or "weird" during this process. I'm glad to hear you are feeling more energetic!
I just started drinking the Apple Cinnamon Water yesterday. I didn't have cinnamon sticks, so I put some ground cinnamon in a coffee filter and tied it up tight. All last night, and this morning upon waking, my legs and ankles were swollen to the point of discomfort. Was this a coincidence, or could the water be causing this?
I am not a healthcare professional so I cannot answer this question. You do not mention how much cinnamon you used. The recipe in this article states 1 to 2 sticks of cinnamon per 64 ounces of water. Perhaps the amount of cinnamon you used was excessive and you reacted to it in this manner. Has anyone else encountered this situation?