Video Contest Challenges Americans On Health Insurance Reform


Any American who wants to tell Obama and the rest of America how they feel about health insurance reform, how it can be fixed, or how we can get quality care without breaking the bank can enter the video challenge just launched by the Democratic National Committee. Entitled “Organizing for America’s Health Reform Video Challenge,” it urges anyone who wants to add their voice and creativity to the debate to grab a video camera and create a 30-second ad that could end up on national television.

Angry, frustrated, confused, worried, and anxious Americans have shouted at town hall meetings, written letters, sent e-mails, and attended tea parties to let lawmakers and President Obama know how they feel about the health care reform debate. People are concerned about the future of their health care and the well-being of their families. The “Organizing for America’s Health Reform Video Challenge” is a unique opportunity for ordinary citizens to say - and show - what’s on their minds.


Natalie Foster, New Media Director for the Challenge, stated in a news release that people can make a video as simple as speaking directly into a camera or as complex as a scripted production with music and special effects. The top video submissions will be voted on by the public and a panel of experts, and the winning video will be aired on national television. All videos must be submitted by October 18th.

Do you want to be funny? Parodies of the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies, or pundits are welcome. Do you prefer to be serious? Personal stories about how the health insurance system has affected you and your family or what you think about the President’s plan are also welcome. Do you think you have a unique way to solve the health care debate? The Democratic National Committee wants you to send your videos too.

To get started, interested individuals should visit the Health Reform Video Challenge website. All the information you need to submit your creative video are there under “Official Contest Rules.” The Video Challenge begins 12:01 AM ET on September 26, 2009 and ends 11:59 PM ET on October 18, 2009. The Challenge is open only to US citizens who are legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia and who are 18 years or older, or of majority in the entrant’s state. More rules are on the Health Reform Video Challenge website. Good luck, America, and let your voices be heard.

Democratic National Committee news release, September 26, 2009