Online Health Insurance Video Library Helps Consumers


An online service that assists consumers in comparing affordable health insurance options has launched a library of short videos that answer questions about health insurance. My Insurance Expert, which offers the service, is one of several places on the Internet where individuals can view videos on health insurance and health care issues.

My Insurance Expert is a Michigan-based company that offers health insurance advice and free online health insurance quotes. The addition of the video library to its website, according to CEO Lorne Zalesin, is to help consumers get accurate information about health insurance options. According to the website, Zalesin “takes a hard look at the factors affecting health insurance coverage in America and breaks it down into simple to understand videos without all the industry lingo.”

Some of the video choices includee “Compare Health Insurance Quotes,” “Questions about Health Savings Accounts,” and “Benefits of Electronic Medical Records.” Each video runs less than three minutes, and transcripts are available for download. Online advisors can be accessed for consumers who have questions.

A wide range of videos on health insurance and medical issue are also available on a website called (Healthline Networks). Some of the choices include “Medicare Will Not Cover Virtual Colonoscopies,” “Medical Bankruptcy,” and “A Health Insurance Company Refuses to Pay for Surfing Injuries,” among dozens of others.


A website called “VideoNewsLive” allows viewers to choose videos from a dropdown menu (choose “Health” for health insurance related videos). Some of the choices listed are “Hazardous Health Plans,” “Women Paying More for Health Insurance,” and “Mandated Health Insurance?”

Consumers have many choices when it comes to getting information about health insurance, and online videos are just one of those choices. Yet despite the information overload from online videos, television, radio, and print media, the information most Americans would probably like to know is, what is our health insurance reform going to look like? How is it going to affect me and my family? Will I be able to afford it? And those videos, it seems, have yet to be released.

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Written by Deborah Mitchell
Tucson, Arizona
Exclusive to eMaxHealth