Women Without Health Insurance May Turn to Planned Parenthood


For some women who do not have health insurance, Planned Parenthood may be an option not only for gynecologic and obstetric care, but for a variety of general health care services as well.

Planned Parenthood has long been associated with providing birth control services, pregnancy testing, pre-natal care, and first-trimester abortion services. Yet the organization also provides a wide variety of other health care services, including but not limited to screening for cholesterol and diabetes, flu vaccinations, anemia testing, tetanus vaccinations, employment physicals, incontinence treatment, thyroid screening, HIV testing, and urinary tract infection testing and treatment. These services are available for women who have or who do not have health insurance.

Naturally, Planned Parenthood provides gynecologic/obstetric services, including breast examinations, Pap tests, fibroid testing and treatment, hormone replacement therapy, infertility testing and treatment, mammogram referrals, and vaginal infection testing and treatment. These are also offered regardless of whether a woman has health insurance or not.


Because not all health services are available at each Planned Parenthood location, women should call their local office to check about its offerings. Methods of payment differ between locations, and costs for general health care vary from location to location. Some of the centers charge according to income, on a sliding fee scale; most centers accept health insurance.

For women (and men: Planned Parenthood does offer some services for men as well) who do not have health insurance, staff members can discuss payment options. In some states, Planned Parenthood clients may qualify for a state-funded program.

If you are a women who does not have health insurance, or whose health insurance plan may not cover a specific health care concern, Planned Parenthood may be an option for you. To locate a facility in your area, visit the Planned Parenthood health center locator website.

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