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7 Weird Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

Save money in the kitchen

If you are looking for ways to save money and you’re tired of the same old advice about keeping a daily record of your spending (which is a good idea, however), eating out less, and so on, perhaps you are ready to try more creative methods. So get ready for 7 weird ways to save money in the kitchen. (This is the first in a series of articles on weird ways to save money in different venues.)

Your freezer and your clothes: If your freezer is nearly empty, you are wasting energy because a full freezer (and refrigerator) is a more efficient appliance and thus uses less energy. A refrigerator/freezer is one of the most energy hungry appliances in the home, but you can take steps to reduce energy use.

One way to do this is to keep your freezer and refrigerator full with food, but if you don’t have enough to fill it up, take up the extra space with clothes or towels. Wrap the items separately in plastic or paper or place them in pillow cases and put them in plastic bags.

Onion bags and pots: Those netted bags that onions and sometimes citrus are sold in can be put to good reuse. Tightly wind up 3 to 4 or more of the bags and bind them with string or simply tie them into a tight ball. They make free, mildly abrasive pot and counter top scrubbers.

Potato flakes and cats: In another article I talked about how to use leftover oatmeal and mashed potatoes. However, if you have unused oatmeal and/or mashed potato flakes that are opened and you don’t want to use them as food—and you have a cat that uses a litterbox—then you’re in business.

Mix in the unused oatmeal or potato flakes with your current kitty litter. I am not suggesting you use either of these items exclusively, especially since most cats are finicky and don’t like noticeable changes in their litterbox. However, you can add these food items to help make your litter go further.

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Eggs and pewter: If you own pewter, forget about buying special cleaner. When you boil eggs, save the water to clean your pewter pieces. Dip the objects in the egg water and let them “soak” for a few minutes. Then dip a soft cloth in the water and rub each piece. Rinse with clean water.

Sour milk and silver: If your milk goes sour before you have a chance to use it or freeze it, you can salvage it to clean your silver. No need for expensive silver cleaner any longer! Simply pour the sour milk into a bowl or basin, place your silver pieces, and let them soak for 30 to 40 minutes. Then wash each piece in soapy water and dry.

Kitchen spills and socks: Do you know how much you spend on paper towels each month? You can say bye-bye to expensive and environmentally unfriendly paper towels in your kitchen.

Simply keep a supply of small, clean reusable rags or old holey socks in a small basket on your counter where your paper towel holder is. Have a spill you need to clean up? Grab an old sock or rag, wipe, rinse, and put it in the wash. You may never buy paper towels again!

Tea and scouring powder: Do you drink tea? Don’t toss out those tea bags or used loose tea. Instead, save the spent tea in a container until you have at least ½ cup. Then add ½ teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, stir, and you have an inexpensive and effective scouring powder.

Let me close by saying I routinely use most of these tips. Since I don’t own any pewter or silver, you can guess which weird ways to save money in the kitchen I use!

Image: Pixabay