Cyber Monday Sales Good For Your Health


Whether you choose to do your online shopping on a Cyber Monday or any other day of the week, you may be getting more than some good deals: you may be doing something good for your health.

It doesn’t matter whether Cyber Monday is the busiest online day of the year or which day between now and Christmas attracts the largest number of online shoppers. What matters is that shopping online can offer some health benefits.

For example, when you stay home and shop, you avoid crowds and excessive exposure to germs, an especially important consideration this year with the threat of H1N1 and season flu. There are already other places that you and your family risk being exposed to all kinds of ailments, but shopping malls and big box stores need not be among them.


Shopping at home also reduces your exposure to air pollutants. Sitting in traffic, walking through parking lots, shopping along busy streets, and riding buses, subways, and trains all means you are at the mercy of exhaust from every mode of transportation.

Cyber Monday shopping also reduces stress. You avoid annoying traffic, trying to find a parking space at the mall (and hoping you can find your car when you come out), long lines at the cash registers, not finding what you want, being interrupted on your cell phone while you’re shopping—all of these things and more are stressful, and at a time of the year when you don’t need any more stress in your life.

Online shopping can save you money, and in these trying economic times, money concerns are one of the top stressors. Sure, you can save money if you shop in person as well, but when you add up the savings in gas and time, the temptation to get something to eat and/or drink (all overpriced), parking fees (in some areas), and shipping costs (if you need to mail gifts), you are better off shopping online. You don’t use gas, you can snack at home, there are no parking fees, and some retailers are offering free shipping, so Grandma’s slippers can go free of charge.

Finally—and this is just a suggestion—you can prepare a delicious, healthy meal while you shop. Dig out your slow cooker, find an easy recipe for vegetable stew, chili, or a hearty soup, and let it simmer while you shop. You’ll smell the aroma while you browse the internet and know that when you’ve completed your shopping, your healthy, delicious dinner will be waiting for you as well. Happy Cyber shopping.