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2 Ways White Bean Extract May Help with Weight Loss

white bean extract weight loss

It’s been shown that beans and other pulses can help with weight loss. But did you know that a white bean extract, in supplement form, could assist you with your dieting goals as well?


Numerous studies have shown that Phaseolus vulgaris extract from white kidney beans (aka, cannellini beans) may help you with your weight loss efforts. Supplements containing Phaseolus vulgaris extract are often referred to as starch blockers…and here’s why.

  • White kidney beans contain phaseolamin, a substance that can block alpha amylase, an enzyme produced by the pancreas that breaks down complex carbs (starch molecules), turning them into simple sugars. When you block this enzyme, it reduces the number of calories the body absorbs from carbohydrates
  • In addition, white bean extract also puts the brakes on how fast the body absorbs carbohydrates, which in turn helps with weight loss efforts and less accumulation of fat

White bean extract in action
Numerous studies concerning weight loss have been done using white bean extract. Here’s a brief rundown of three of them.

1. An 8-week UCLA School of Medicine study involved 50 obese adults, half of whom took 1,500 mg daily of a white kidney bean supplement while the other half took a placebo. All followed a low-fat diet.

At the end of the study, those who took the supplement lost an average of 3.8 pounds compared with only 1.65 pounds in the placebo group. The authors suggested the extract allowed complex carbs to leave the digestive tract undigested, which resulted in less storage of fat.

2. A review was conducted to examine evidence that white bean extract can help with weight loss. The reviewers evaluated six clinical trials and noted that all had “serious methodological flaws.”

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Not all the news was bad, however. Although the reviewers did not see a significant difference in weight loss between subjects who took white bean extract compared with placebo, they did note a statistically significant decline in body fat among individuals who took the supplement versus placebo.

3. In the third study, a proprietary extract of Phaseolus vulgaris was tested in two phases: a 12-week weight loss phase (125 subjects enrolled) and a 24-week weight maintenance phase (51 enrolled). All the participants in the weight loss phase followed a low-calorie diet while those in the weight maintenance phase ate what they wanted.

  • Participants in the weight loss phase who took the supplement lost a mean of 2.91 kg (6.4 lb) compared with 0.92 kg (2.0 lb) in the placebo group
  • During the weight maintenance phase, 73.5 percent (36 of 49 subjects) were able to maintain their weight

The investigators concluded that the extract of Phaseolus vulgaris was effective for weight loss and maintenance.

When used along with a low-calorie diet, a white bean extract supplement may provide a small boost for your weight loss efforts. In addition, it could help reduce the amount of fat accumulation.

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