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Zeo Personal Sleep Coach Unique Christmas Gift


Here’s a unique Christmas gift that can help put people to sleep, which is exact what you want it to do. The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is the first consumer device that monitors and tracks sleep quantity and quality, and can also help you improve your sleep.

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is a multistep program. You begin by wearing the Zeo Headband, which fits comfortably around your head. The headband uses sensor technology that measures sleep patterns through electrical signals that are produced naturally by the brain. During sleep, the headband tracks the different levels of sleep as you pass through them.

The information about your sleep is displayed on the Zeo Bedside Display, which can store up to two weeks of data. The display shows you a graph of your light, deep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep over the night and compares it with previous nights. The display also has a SmartWake™ alarm that searches for a natural awakening point based on each individual’s sleep patterns. This can help reduce grogginess associated with waking up from a deep sleep.

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The Zeo also allows you to upload your personal sleep information to the myZeo Personal Coaching website so you can track your sleep patterns and uncover ways to improve your sleep. There is also the Zeo Sleep Journal, which allows you to record factors that may be disturbing your sleep. Zeo offers online tools that can help you understand your sleep scores and identify connections between your daily lifestyle choices and your sleep patterns.

Finally, Zeo provides the 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program, which is guided sleep coaching program that can help you set goals for your sleep and offer strategies to assist you in achieving them. The coaching program includes personalized e-mails that include effective sleep tips and advice that are customized for you; a tailored action plan to deal with the 7 Sleep Stealers; goal-oriented assignments that are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle; and an online library for sleep information and research.

As many as 70 million Americans do not get an adequate amount of sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lack of adequate sleep can cause memory problems, vehicle accidents, a compromised immune system, heart problems, depression, and other health complications. You can give the gift of sleep this Christmas with the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach.

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