14 Fat Burning Foods and How They Work


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May 26 2013 - 7:36am
Fat burning foods

When you hear someone talking about fat burning foods, what picture comes to mind? Some foods and beverages can help with weight loss via a few different actions in the body, although they do not literally burn fat. With that in mind, here are 14 fat burning foods and how they work.

Which foods can help you lose weight?

Berries: Why have berries been singled out as fat burning foods? Three factors come to mind: they are very good sources of fiber, they contain a lot of water, and they are naturally sweet, which can satisfy sugar cravings without all those added calories. Did I mention they are easy to eat and that there are lots of varieties?

Celery: Just one-half cup of chopped celery provides only 8 calories, along with water and fiber. If you find celery to be boring, try tipping it in fresh salsa for a low-fat, low-calorie treat that also provides water to keep you feeling full.

Coffee: This beverage can give your metabolism a brief boost, and that benefit is attributed to the caffeine. In addition, as noted in the journal Eating Behaviors, encouraging the consumption of energy-free beverages such as coffee for those with calories “may facilitate weight management.”

Cucumber: This vegetable (which is a member of the gourd family) does not pack a lot of nutrients, but it contains few calories and contains lots of water. So although cucumbers may not light a fire under fat, they can help douse the desire to eat more food.

Eggs: The fat burning secret of eggs is protein: eating protein in the morning can keep you feeling satisfied longer than chowing down on toast or other carbohydrates. The “burning” part of the explanation is the fact that the body burns more calories to metabolize protein than to handle carbohydrates.

Fish: Similar to eggs, fish also is a good source of filling protein. Bonuses associated with fish are the presence of healthy fat (omega-3 fatty acids) in some fish, such as salmon and herring; and the fact that many fish are naturally low in fat anyway.

Grapefruit: You may have heard of the grapefruit diet, but there’s nothing magical about this citrus fruit except that it contains lots of water and fiber and can help you feel full fast. Grapefruit also is a great source of vitamins A and C and even contains a little bit of protein.


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Greek yogurt: What’s so special about Greek yogurt? Protein. Greek yogurt is strained thoroughly to remove as much lactose, sugar, and liquid whey as possible, which is why the yogurt is so thick and contains about twice the protein (15-20 g vs 9 g) as other yogurts, about half the sugar, and helps you feel fuller longer. Also available in nonfat and low-fat and soy varieties.


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