Becky Griggs Lost 200 Lbs Using Common Sense


In 2003, Becky Griggs weighed 352 pounds, and today she is about 200 pounds lighter after following a common sense eating and exercise approach. Along with her significant weight loss, Becky no longer suffers from high blood pressure and other medical problems.

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States, yet the tremendous number of diet books, fad diets, weight loss surgeries, and weight loss programs available to consumers have failed to change that fact. The loss of 200 pounds by Becky Griggs using a common sense approach and without the use of fad diets or radical weight loss surgery may serve as inspiration for others who struggle with overweight and obesity.

Becky became concerned about the health impact of her weight when her blood pressure began to rise and she was worried that she would need help from her husband. She used to lie in bed at night and worry that she was going to diet. That’s when she decided to change her life.


The change included “eating cleanly,” avoiding processed foods, sugar, and fat, and eating five small meals spread throughout the day. Regular exercise was another essential ingredient, and she advocates “working out and getting sweaty.” To stay motivated, she believes people should get an exercise partner. To help others with their motivation challenges, she is now a personal fitness trainer and helps others who are struggling with their weight.

Other “secrets” to losing weight and keeping it off without the use of fad diets, according to Becky, is to focus on eating protein and something “God grew” and watching calories. She also believes it is important to keep a positive self-image. She certainly practices what she preaches: in 2009 she competed in a body-building contest and weighed in at 139 pounds.

Becky also turned her weight loss into a financial gain, both for herself and others. In 2008 she was a finalist in the 2nd annual Prevention Magazine Picture of Health Contest. For her weight loss efforts, she was awarded $10,000, of which $5,000 was given to a charity dear to her heart, Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

Becky Griggs has found that a common sense approach to weight loss—eating a sensible number of calories, working out every day, maintaining a positive self-image, believe you can improve your health, and get support from like-minded people (e.g., people at a gym, walking or running club, aerobic classes, and so on)—is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Her story may motivate and inspire others to do the same.

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