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New Treatment for Ovarian Cancer Looks Promising

Ovarian cancer treatment

A new treatment approach for metastatic ovarian cancer has been under development through the joint efforts of the University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The scientists believe the innovative radiotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer shows a great deal of promise.

Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer among women. According to the American Cancer Society, about 21,550 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in 2009, and about 14,600 women will die of the disease. The cancer develops primarily in older women, with about half of women diagnosed with the disease being 60 or older.

Because ovarian cancer rarely causes symptoms (e.g., bloated abdomen, bloating) until the tumor has grown to a substantial size and begun to spread, many cases of ovarian cancer are detected too late for surgical treatment alone and so require chemotherapy. Currently, the main treatment options for women who have ovarian cancer are surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is used primarily for recurrent cancer. Other potential treatments under evaluation include bone marrow

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The new therapy under investigation by the Swedish scientists involves injecting the patient through the abdominal cavity with a radioactive isotope that is bound to carrier molecules. This molecular complex is able to bind to structures on the surface of ovarian tumor cells, at which time the isotope releases alpha particles that have a very short range, allowing them to destroy only the DNA in the nearest tumor cells.

The goal of this initial patient study, which included nine women who have ovarian cancer, was to evaluate the substance’s distribution in the body and whether it caused any side effects. The researchers found that a sufficient amount of the molecular compound reaches the ovarian tumor cells without causing any measurable adverse effects.

In previous studies which involved mice with ovarian cancer, this type of radiotherapy resulted in a cure without serious side effects. Because of those results, and the findings of the current study, investigators are hopeful this treatment option will prove successful in women. They have planned a subsequent study that will include 80 women with ovarian cancer who will receive this new treatment along with their ordinary treatment.

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Is this just a study or is this available for us that have ovarian cancer?
Has anyone found a trial in UK for this technique of treating ovarian cancer please?
This drug is still being studied. As mentioned in the article, the researchers have planned a subsequent study that will include women who have ovarian cancer. You might check to see if there is a clinical trial in this country for this new potential drug. Clinicaltrials.gov. Good luck to you.
Are there clinical trials for this new treatment in the US?
ovca stage 3 platinum resistent x 4 years concurrent treatment surgery, radiation and numerous chemotherapy drugs. Never in remission can you help me find a trial
Has anyone found out if there are trials of this tecnique in UK as yet?
Is there a clinical trial in the US? My mother suffers from ovarian cancer. It has been over 11 years since her diagnosis. It has become quite aggressive. I am hoping for a quick response. Thanks
I have recurrent epithilial cell ovarian cancer. and am very interested in the upcoming clinical trial involving 80 patients. Please could you let me know the status of this trial as I would be very interested in volunteering.
I am interested in finding a clinical trial that is available. My mother has had ovarian cancer for 9 + years. She is a fighter but may loose her fight if we don't find treatment soon.The cancer is very aggressive right now. Thanks !
My friend is terminally ill with ovarian cancer. She is interested in trial treatment. Would you please inform me asap how can she register herself?
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Hi. The study using radiotherapy is in Sweden. To search for new treatments and clinical trials, visit http://clinicaltrials.gov/ I hope this helps! For new articles on ovarian cancer treatment, check back. You can subscribe to EmaxHealth via e-mail also. You can also request Google alerts for anything related to ovarian cancer that is news.