10 Hangover Remedies That Work and Don’t Work

Dec 29 2012 - 6:20am
10 Hangover Remedies

Hangovers are not pleasant, but some are worse than others. If you want to avoid a hangover, you already know what you need to do, but if you want information on how to minimize the effects of excessive alcohol intake, here are ten remedies that work…and some that don’t.

What causes a hangover?

One major problem with treating a hangover is that experts are not sure what causes one. Sure, it seems obvious that drinking too much alcohol causes a hangover, but at a physiological and cellular level, the actual cause of a hangover is unclear.

A hangover may be caused in part by the presence of congeners, which are toxic substances present in alcohol. Other contributing factors include the impact of alcohol on a person’s biological rhythms, dehydration (due to an increase in urination and the ability of alcohol to inhibit the activity of anti-diuretic hormone on the kidney), and acetaldehyde (methyl) intoxication.

Hangover remedies

The best hangover remedy must be stated: don’t drink or drink at a moderate level so you don’t set the hangover process in motion. While this may sound like party-busting advice, experts have found that, based on their research and scientific evidence gathered thus far, “it must be concluded that most remedies do not significantly reduce overall hangover severity,” as noted in a 2010 study in Current Drug Abuse Reviews.


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However, if you choose to drink alcohol, here are some hangover remedies that may work—or not—since each person responds in a different way to both alcohol and attempts to alleviate its effects.


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Drinking alcohol free beer and wine is what works for most people. Water works for me!
Alcohol-free beer and wine are an excellent idea! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.
The best thing I have found is this Hangover Joe's its a new Hangover Recovery Shot this stuff is loaded up shot that you drink in the morning after consuming Alcohol I been getting these in 7-11 and I have to say its the best thing I found and it taste good etc. It has the guys from the Hangover Movie on the bottle.
It's mostly B Vitamins though. Food is probably better for you in terms of absorption.