PhysioCleanse, Other Detox Programs Promote Health


A detoxification plan called PhysioCleanse & Detoxification Program™, as well as other similar programs, can help eliminate toxic chemicals from the body, relieve symptoms associated with toxicity, and in the process promote, support, and help maintain overall health and well-being. The question is, which detox program or approach is best for you?

The body naturally strives to eliminate toxins from the body through the skin, lungs, kidneys, and intestinal tract. This system breaks down and becomes less efficient, however, when it becomes overburdened by exposure to an abundance of toxic substances from the air, water, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and especially the diet. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is dominated by food additives, sugars, pesticides, hormones, harmful fats, and salt, all of which can take a tremendous toll on our health.

Symptoms associated with toxicity include headache, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, joint pain, poor concentration, mood changes, digestive problems, constipation, chronic pain, and a weakened immune system. Many health professionals believe that participating in a detoxification program can eliminate most if not all of these symptoms and bring the body back into balance.


One such program is called PhysioCleanse & Detoxification program™, which involves three phases: a five-day Pre-Cleansing Phase during which participants slowly eliminate sugars and caffeine, cleanse by drinking water (hot water with fresh lemon and cayenne pepper to stimulate digestion and metabolism), and begin taking cleansing supplements for the intestinal tract. The 28-day Detoxification Phase involves eating clean foods while taking supplements and shakes (provided in the program) to support the kidneys, colon, liver, and gallbladder. Individuals will eliminate toxic and allergenic foods, including dairy, caffeine, sugars, alcohol, gluten, and certain meats.

Once the detoxification phase is over, participants can slowly reintroduce foods that they eliminated during the detox phase and identify which foods should be avoided forever because of food sensitivities. Some people may need to extend their detoxification process if they have not achieved symptom relief or other goals. The entire program (without an extension) is $399 plus shipping.

Along with the PhysioCleanse program, you can check out various detox programs on, a website that reviews and rates detoxification programs and products. Elson M. Haas, MD, often referred to as “The Detox Doc®,” has written extensively on the topic. Two of his books may prove helpful: The New Detox Diet and The Detox Diet: A How-To and When-To Guide to Cleansing the Body. Another book is The Fast Track Detox Diet, by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD.

PhysioCleanse is just one of scores of detox and cleansing programs on the market and available in books and on DVDs. The programs and plans are not all the same, so you need to shop around, and to shop carefully. If you are considering a detox program, you should carefully review the merits of each, including cost, how it fits into your lifestyle, and whether it provides sufficient nutritional value. Before starting such a program, consult with a knowledgeable nutritionist or other health professional about the pros and cons of the programs you are considering. If you have any medical or health conditions and/or are taking any medications or supplements, tell your healthcare professional about them before starting a program.

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