Rush Limbaugh diet is fast, but will it last

Diet and weight loss

According to Rush Limbaugh, the controversial radio talk-show host, he has lost more than 80 pounds on his new weight loss diet. When Mr. Limbaugh was asked during his July 30 radio show about the diet, he said it was “too intricate, too detailed” to describe. Can anyone, including Rush Limbaugh, expect to keep off the weight they lose on a diet that is too complicated to explain or follow?

The much-talked about Rush Limbaugh weight loss diet is nothing more than the Quick Weight Loss Center program, a diet franchise based on southern Florida. It also has a very strong website presence that offers a “home program for fast, safe weight loss from the comfort of home.” This is apparently the approach that Rush Limbaugh has taken.


According to the information on the Quick Weight Loss Center website, their program combines “individual supervision with a well-balanced food program,” and their “nutritional plans provide up to 1,500 calories daily.” The one thing Rush Limbaugh has revealed about his diet is that he is eating about 1,500 calories per day, and that initially he was not aware that he was on the Quick Weight Loss Center program.

Mr. Limbaugh has noted that he had originally set a goal of 210 pounds, but that he is so enjoying the food and the diet that he’s “going to see what happens at 200.” Information on The Quick Weight Loss Center website also notes that they provide a “post-reduction maintenance program” for people once they reach their weight loss goal. The site claims that people who complete their weight loss program “will have the tools, knowledge and the efficient metabolism to manage [their] new healthy body weight for a lifetime.”

Approximately 95 percent of people who go on a weight loss diet regain the weight within a matter of months to a year. Many continue this trend, trying diet after diet, losing and regaining—the yo-yo effect. Rush Limbaugh has been on diets before. Is there anything special about the Rush Limbaugh weight loss diet? No. Will he be able to maintain the weight loss? That remains to be seen.

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