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Study says that controlling obesity may save trillions

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A new study has shown that controlling obesity by the year 2030 may save the nation trillions of dollars.

The research, released by Duke University, the RTI International, and the CDC described the issues of obesity in the medical problems to the people and the resulting costs to the medical system. The researchers found that the forecast for the year 2030 indicates that nearly half of the US population will be obese, with 10 percent of the nation’s population having severe obesity.

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The costs in the medically related conditions are enormous. One area of contributing high medical costs is the resulting diabetes. Type II diabetes can cause many stresses on the body and it is mainly caused by increased weight. Diabetes alone will put a large strain on the medical system. Other areas that obesity affect include high blood pressure and heart disease. Higher weights result in stress on the body and the body attempting to compensate for the impact of the increased weight.

Obesity has become a public health concern. There is an urgent need to focus on solving this problem. But the reality lies in the fact that the people have to make healthy choices. The individual person must be empowered to make those decisions that can make the difference between staying healthy and becoming obese. Educating the public about the causes of obesity, the ways to prevent being overweight, and how to reduce it is a high priority for the nation’s public health system. The CDC does have a plan to set in motion.

In response to the above study mentioned and with the urgency to fight against obesity, the CDC will be releasing a set of proposals to solve the problem on Tuesday, May 8th. The title of these proposals is “Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation”. The CDC also plans to review the methods that are currently known to help prevent obesity with step by step strategies to assist with using these methods. The hope of the CDC is to speed up the progress in fighting against obesity.

Weight loss programs abound on TV, the internet, books, and remind us that obesity is an increasing problem. Sensitivity to the issue will be needed as it is not only a physical health concern, but it can affect a person emotionally. Weight loss is very difficult for most obese people. This can be very frustrating and even embarrassing to the person. Eating less, exercising more, and making healthy choices are important, but the true reality of how a person feels about being obese is another story. Being sensitive to a person’s emotional state while obese or trying to lose weight may be a contributing factor to helping people control their weight.