Beef recall due to E. Coli contamination

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With 3 illnesses reported and an eight-state involvement, Cargill has recalled its ground beef due to a cluster of illness with E.Coli in Maine and New York. The states involved include Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, and Virginia. The USDA believes that BJ's Wholesale Club stores in these states received the beef. Although that meat has been removed, there is a concern that consumers may still have some of it stored in their freezers.


The recall consists of 8500 pounds of beef with the USDA establishment number "EST 9400" with the identifying product code "W69032" an has a use/freeze date of July 1. The specific causative E. Coli is known as 026 and it can cause severe symptoms of bloody diarrhea and can lead to kidney failure. None of the identified illnesses were severe enough to cause hospitalization.Cargill, Inc., spokesman Mike Martin told CNN that it was a relief it was not more serious.

Check you freezers for tainted batch

Two of the illnesses were in Maine, with the other in New York. Swift action was taken to ensure the outbreak was contained. Officials are urging consumers to check their ground beef in your freezers to make sure they do not have any of the tainted batch. The bad meat was sent out on June 11 to the distribution centers where it was repackaged and sold under different retail brand names.

The government has issues this recall as a Class 1 recall. This means that "there is reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death." For more information, please call the Cargill consumer line at (800) 788 4953. Cargill is working closely with the USDA to find out what is going on.