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Prepare with a Swine Flu Survival Kit

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Swine Flu Survival Kit

With the oncoming possibility of a major wave of swine flu in the next coming months, suggestions have been made to prepare with a swine flu survival kit. So what is included in the kit? There are several items which are very important and some items that may be personal. Take a look at the recommendations listed here and then decide what is important for you.

Those items that are absolute musts in a swine flu survival kit include medications for fever such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, or naproxen. Water and fluids such as Gatorade will be very important to include because it will be necessary to stay hydrated. Three-days worth of food on hand and a first aid kit are also critical to have on hand. Finally, hand sanitizer and surgical masks should be at the top of the list.

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The swine flu survival kit can also include such items that are personal, such as things to keep one occupied, such as television or a computer. Other things might include books for reading, stuff for crafts and hobbies, and other personal items to entertain when things get boring while staying at home.

It is important to stay home if you believe that you are sick. Do not go out and possibly infect others. Parents should include in their swine flu survival kits plans for caring for sick kids. Places of employment might have their own survival kits, making sure that there are others to cover for those who are sick; a plan to make sure their business runs smooth during the pandemic.

The swine flu survival kit obviously can apply to many different situations. Not only are medications, first aid kits, and things to keep one occupied important at home, but also plans to prevent swine flu if possible are important. Plans not only include how to care for kids or taking off work, but also planning to get the swine flu vaccination if you are on the priority schedule, as well as obtaining the seasonal flu vaccination. Most of all, wash your hands frequently! Handwashing goes a long way in preventing not only swine flu spread, but also prevents many different types of diseases.