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Octomom physician accused of gross negligence

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It was all about the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, giving birth to octuplets several months ago. Now it is about her physician. Dr. Michael Kamrava is facing charges by the Medical Board of California. Gross negligence is only one of the charges. Charges include gross negligence, failure to refer patient for a mental health evaluation, keeping inadequate records, and repeated negligent acts. Suleman has defended the fertility doctor in a video on RadarOnline.com.

Fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava, has been accused by the California Medical Board which could result in his license either being suspended or revoked. The fertility doctor had already helped Suleman to conceive six children before transferring the fresh embryos that resulted in the pregnancy with eight babies. All previous pregnancies were single pregnancies, except the fifth, which was a twin pregnancy.

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Each time Suleman gave birth, four months later she was back asking for help conceiving more children. Each time, Dr. Kamrava repeatedly transferred fresh embryos even though frozen ones were available from previous IVF’s. This placed Suleman at higher risk for problems associated with high levels of hormones and also placed her future children at risk. After repeated pregnancies within such short amounts of time in between, it was apparent that the woman needed some type of mental health evaluation. Unfortunately, the fertility doctor failed to refer her for an evaluation.

The final pregnancy, which resulted in octuplets, raised controversy over Octomom’s inconsideration of the rest of society. Octomom stated in her defense of the doctor, as told to RadarOnline.com, that she felt that she would be neglecting her frozen embryos by not using them. In fact, though, it was found that the Octomom’s doctor never even suggested using the frozen embryos, which put Suleman’s health at risk.

At the time of her pregnancy, Octomom’s first six children were already getting social financial support. At the present time, Octomom says that the money she earns for her family comes from the tabloids and tabloid media. She defended her fertility doctor on video at RadarOnline.com, but it was not apparent whether she was paid to do that, too. At one time, Octomom had a secret deal with the Web site to video her family in exchange for an undisclosed amount of money. However, state labor officials became involved when the Web site was videotaping the children for too many hours of the day.

Dr. Michael Kamrava continues to practice medicine in Beverly Hills, California. He intends to continue practicing. Meanwhile, the accusations set forth by the Medical Board of California will be litigated by an administrative court at a later date. The fertility doctor has also been expelled from a national organization that promotes high ethical standards in fertility medicine.